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  1. Sooooo my Mustang has been broken into... They didn't take anything, I guess nobody wants 8tracks lol. So they punched the lock cylinder on the drivers side. I was just wondering if there's a reproduction lock cylinder that can be keyed to take the original key. I really don't want to change the other door and ignition if I don't half to.
  2. Sorry guys. I don't know if I'm being unclear or if Im just not getting it. I bought this ignition coil to replace the one in my car. The only difference I see between the two is that it says to use an external resistor. Now does that suggest that this Ignition coil is different than the one I previously installed and that I must add an external resistor or is this just a warning because this ignition coil is widely used on different vehicles, and I already have an external resistor somewhere? I know I'm being a pita, just learning as I go.
  3. Now why isn't this the case with the previous ignition coil?
  4. Regardless of like to know if I'm good to swap this ignition coil in without worrying about an external resistor.
  5. She's giving me a hard time starting this year. I'm starting with the ignition coil and spark plug wires. My question is on the side of the new ignition coil it says " 12V use with external resistor 907". Is this something I need to worry about. I read some cars don't need the resistor? Thanks on advance.
  6. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I bought a new pump and it's amazing how much better it is. The pump with the problems was a rebuild I installed a few years ago and it was never as quiet as the new one I got. As for trying to repair the pump I really don't think it's worth the hassle.
  7. Honestly the flash made it look worse than it is. The air in it is mostly from going in and out of my pump for two hours prior. And no I don't have the cooler.
  8. I had a hose leak shortly after the install and although we fixed it pretty quick I know it ran dry a couple times before I could top it up. It was a little noisy ever since. I'm just chalking it up to that. This is the first time we've ever had these symptoms.
  9. That was step one. Then we tried the vacuum pump after. The symptoms never went away.
  10. Ya this was a whole week affair. We're past the point of believing it will sort itself out unfortunately. Thanks for your input. I don't think it's the rack either.[emoji106]
  11. I like the idea of saving money but I think time saved may be worth the cost of the pump. And your comment about the gearbox is why I kept posting. I'd hate to replace my pump and find out it wasn't the problem. The thing is though the pump just sounds terrible. It was quiet before all this. It's probably the pump then right? Thanks for you suggestion.
  12. The flash on the video made it look worse than it actually was. I think what Don C was saying about a relief valve inside may be the issue. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  13. We ran the vacuum a few more times and got some "bubbly fluid" out. Decided to top her up and put the Dipstick back in and when testing back and four she spat a bunch of fluid out of the Dipstick again...
  14. Well I've got it under vacuum and a little fluid cam out. But she still reads full (just over actually.). But while I'm steering it back and fourth it sounds dry. Does this sound like a blockage or is the power steering pump done? Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  15. I forgot to mention that the overflow seems to happen often when I shut off the motor. Don't know of it means anything. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  16. I didn't add a filter. I'll be thorough with the vacuum pump.
  17. Replaced the pump 2 years ago, no problems until now.
  18. So my power steering pump spits fluid out of the fill tube with so much force that it has ejected the Dipstick. I believe based on research that there is air in the system. I jacked up the front and turned the wheel back and forth with the motor off. The level dropped so I topped it back up. With the car still up, I started it and turned back and forth and fluid shot out again. Do I need to use a vacuum pump to get the air out or am I missing something else? Thanks in advance! [update with video] Hey guys, so we tried the vacuum pump, we seemed to get fluid more than air. Came to the conclusion that all our work didn't bring us any farther. We took this video to show the "ERUPTION" Let me know what you all think. [video=youtube]
  19. I think I'd have to replace my driver seat after a day like that! [emoji1]
  20. Nice to know I'm not alone in this. I went to meet up with a friend tonight I parked and noticed some light smoke coming from the hood. Turns out the power steering has decided to spring a leak all over all the hot stuff. (Of course) Gives me something to tinker with this week. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  21. Every year I try to fix a couple things before I begin the season. This year my boss offered to tune my carb for me in exchange for some yard work he needed done; he's really good with this stuff, has a track car he's always tuning. To make a VERY long story short •New accelerator pump diaphragm •New distributor •set timing (idled pretty good) •Test drive •small fire.... Timing was set at -12 not +12.... Fire extinguisher didn't work..... •fire went out turns out ol' Dad didn't use high temp paint.. •old Ford tech pulls up, lives three doors down, sorts out my timing. GREAT •back to home to do oil change •boss didn't notice the old seal didn't come off... Big cleanup •check sparkplug, drop sparkplug, break sparkplug •top up the diff • Good to Go None of this was supposed to be complicated but sometimes luck just isn't on your side. What an exhausting day. I have to mention how good she runs though. I hope you all come out of storage easier than I did and I'm looking forward to conversing with you guys again.::thumb::
  22. Hey guys, I have a 73 351c 2v, I'm replacing the distributor today and feel comfortable with the entire process exept about this oil pump shaft. I hear it can come up or even off when your removing the old one, fall into the oil pan, and give some headaches. Does anyone have any advice or diagrams/pictures of what I'm about to get into? Thanks in advance!
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