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  1. I cleaned out my carb and it has lots of craps so I was going to change the fuel filter and can't find it, I traced the lines still can't rind it so, can some one tell me where it is or where it goes so I can install one.
  2. where would i get a mardi report. Just got it running today after a carb rebuild so its running not to good but I think just needs a to be calibrated any idea where i can find some good info on how to do that.
  3. Hay thanks for the info I think we are looking for the same thing so im just going to go with the 600 it has in it dont think the extra 50 will make that much of a difference, and spend the cash some other place.
  4. What would be the benefit of a bigger carb, of if i changed it out to a holley, a friend was telling me that a holley is what it would have rolled out to the factory with is that true, o and some thing about the gas pump having to to with the carb to, but did-int understand that part to well.
  5. I have a edelbrock 1405 (600 cfm) and a 351 cleveland in my car, so what I want to know is what was the original carb on my 71 mach 1 and if what I have on there at this point is appropriate to my engine.
  6. Im looking at restoring it and would like to make it look as close to the way it would have rolled out of the factory. I tried to start it today but no luck I was looking at the carburetor and im missing some springs so Im thinking of rebuilding it. Do you know of any good sight that can guide in the proses of rebuilding it. they are BF Goodrich P255/50 ZR 16 and they say American racing so i think they are Torque-thrust too
  7. This is one pic of it I am having trouble loading them but I'll post more when i can shrink them to a good size
  8. Hallo I am just starting my first build with a 71 mach 1, that my dad gave to me. He stated the car 11 years ago but found a 64 1/4 convertible and never messed the 71 after that, so it has been siting around for 10 years. He is not doing any more restorations has divided up all his cars (except for his 64 1/2), his only condition was that I fix the car up so he can see what he missed out on, so you can image the sentimental value of the car to me. I am looking for good info on where to start and help along the way. I am attempting to start it today so I can see where to take it from there.
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