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  1. Hello Pastel Blue,


    I noticed that you have the factory muffler hangers installed. How did you install the drivers side hanger. I know the passenger side has embedded nuts for the single exhaust.





    My car was a stock single exhaust, the embedded nuts were in the frame on the drivers side from the factory.


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  2. you should bring it to the 2018 MCA Grand National in New Hampshire,  my Club is hosting it, and I  will be working the show,  it would be great to see it in person.





    Pretty sure you are referring to the Pastel Blue vert. I have given it some thought as we touched base on this last year as I recall. I recently purchased a new F-150 so that I could tow a trailer once in a while. Still have to look at a trailer... I haven’t ruled out a trip south... would not be interested in any judging of the car, to inconsistent when it comes to 71-3 years IMO. Would be a great show to attend for sure!

    Yes we did touch on it last year, we also have a section with Display only (put up a barracade) I tought it would be really nice to have a car that was on a magazine to show the before and after.


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  3. Tasca Ford in Cranston RI is only 5 miles from me, I have bought a few cars from them, I only use their parts department because they are close to me, as for their service DPT, I'm not a fan at all, I've had my share of issues with them.

    I know many people have used the Tasca Mod shop for tuning and Dyno runs, they do a very good job, but they know the guys personally which I'm sure makes a difference.

  4. If the paint is not peeling a good cleaning and sand with scotch brite should be ok. BTW the flat black along the rear edge of the hood is correct. Was not masked off just sprayed. It was on all light colored paint. Might have been all I have never paid any attention. It was to hide some of the ugly.


    The blackout under the back edge of the hood was on all of the light color cars, so the driver cant see the bottom of the hood, and also the lower pinch welds on the body were also blacked out, so when standing 10 feet away you can't see the pinch welds.



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