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  1. thanks for sharing, I had a question on a Part, that's why I asked.
  2. Thanks to all who entered in the COTM contest, lets see how the 2017 Calendar comes out!!! Start entering your cars in the contest for next year :) http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-cotm-spotlight-submissions
  3. Me too :D all it needs is a quick hood swap and its back to normal. the back 1/2 is not that bad.
  4. mine has a small leak in one of the wheel cylinders which causes it to take in air ad cause a spongy feeling to the brake pedal after a while.
  5. I'm looking for the top and bottom for the trailer, its one of the only pieces I'm missing to complete the project. I think they are straight with no cutouts on my car.
  6. Mike, you wouldn't have only the Tail light panel trim that holds the panel around the filler cap?
  7. Thank you All. The Pictures have been sent to Rocketfoot.
  8. its that time of year, when we start to collect pictures for the Car of the month 2016 Calendar. from the Car of the Month winners. I'm looking for the following members. bobmarlojill GravY Matt1973 73429mach bkdunha John J jpaz jeremycfr Cwithers mrmach1 jhawk635 Thin Lizzy Please Email me a High Resolution picture min 2000 pixels I just need the one picture you like on the calendar. Send them to mustang1972@cox.net I will need them before Dec 11th Thanks Iyman M.
  9. I would like to congratulate bobmarlojill on his December 2015 COTM win. I would like to thank all 7173Mustangs.com members for entering your great looking cars in the contest and voting. Soon we will be ready to start voting for the January Car of the Month (COTM) you can start entering your cars. Be sure to get your entries in by the December 15th, and remember hit the "LIKE" button on the car you would like as next month’s winner! Once again Congratz to bobmarlojill To check out bobmarlojill entry follow the link below. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-december-2015-cotm
  10. how does shipping through Grayhound work? I have a Drivers side door for sale, and I have been wondering how to ship it when I sell it.
  11. I sold a working clock of $90 a few months ago, I thought the buyer got a great deal, considering I only paid $20
  12. I don't think you have to change anything, it should all line right up.
  13. Thanks. I usually only do one burnout per year :D
  14. I use Stabilizer, driver the car a few miles, and put her away, under a cover with some moisture packs in side the interior and trunk. but also during the winter I might start the car up once or twice.
  15. It really comes down to this, its a RestoMod, its no longer a 1-50 car. that 1-50 should get thrown out the window. As for Value, its worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Now its also a Buyer-beware car I hope who ever buys it, does his homework, and knows what they are getting.
  16. I would think its worth a little less because of the mods. Just my thought on the value.
  17. Welcome to the site from Rhode Island.
  18. Congrats, I have always wanted a Sprint Convertible, when I first saw the post from Rex I was interested, but then the thought of rebuilding an other car set in and I changed my mind. Good luck, and keep posting pictures.
  19. I need the above parts sold as soon to make some room on my shelves.
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