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  1. I have my Blue Dash Pad, it was recovered a few years back , and it has a crack in it, but other than that its in Great shape for a Driver quality. Its Free + shipping to your Zip code. PM me if interested you just Pay shipping
  2. I'd keep an eye on the Mustang, I'd hate to see the next picture you post a bunch of car parts, and you questioning us "where does this belong!!" :D
  3. :+1: just look up Convertible circuit breaker https://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=F2431+01 http://www.cjponyparts.com/convertible-top-switch-and-circuit-breaker-1965/p/WT1/
  4. I'm not sure what they are worth, but the chrome looks very good on them. approximately how much are they worth? you can Email or PM me
  5. I hope this picture helps identify it for you, the 8-track bezel is the same as the AM or AM/FM, but it has the top filler just below the chrome cut off. where the radio buttons are. see picture below
  6. double check with Don at Ohio Mustang, but I think this is the part http://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=491
  7. The under hood light bracket is a simple sheet metal bracket easy to make, but the mercury switch in the bulb holder can be tricky to make or come up with.
  8. I would like to congratulate GravY on his November 2015 COTM win. I would like to thank all 7173Mustangs.com members for entering your great looking cars in the contest and voting. Soon we will be ready to start voting for the December Car of the Month (COTM) you can start entering your cars. Be sure to get your entries in by the November 15th, and remember hit the "LIKE" button on the car you would like as next month’s winner! Once again Congratz to GravY To check out GravY entry follow the link below. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-nov-2015-cotm?pid=188474#pid188474
  9. Here is an other sample of my sisters work. if anyone is interested PM me.
  10. Welcome to the site from Rhode Island. I'm sure some one on here has already done that kind of engine swap, and they can answer your questions.
  11. does it still have the AM- 8 track radio?
  12. I have the aftermarket gaskets, and they are good, I have no issues. I think it might be because of the rear panel surface not being level.
  13. I do many shows during the year. Take some drinks, folding chairs, and snacks, and enjoy, as for the car, wipe it down and keep it clean, cleanliness always counts, dealer brochure's and car documentation draws attention to the car.
  14. I have dealt with Mike Before Great Guy!! ::beer::
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