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  1. is it a 72 Olympic sprint, or a clone? that is if matters.
  2. I really like this color (just like mine), the only issue is the top, its fairly new (a couple of years) but it looks 40 yrs old. but I always have to top down, so it doesnt matter... :)
  3. the supplier I found was SMS you fill the sample request form, and if they have your color they will send you a small sample swatch to compare it, and the price/availability. http://www.smsautofabrics.com/home.php
  4. good to know its just comfortweave texture stamped on to a solid color vinyl, the orig comfortweave has 2 colors in it, a light blue and a medium blue. maybe spending the extra $$ wont be as bad then, to get the original look.
  5. I have the name of the place at home, I'll post it when I get home. they have very limited quantity of comfort weave, the only issue I have is its $95 a yard.
  6. My Comfortweave on the Drivers side is worn and starting to rip. I found a place that has limited quantity of Comfortweave, they sent me a Sample its Identical to whats there now. here is what I'm trining to figure out, How does the Aftermarket Deluxe seat reupholstey kits look compaired to the Original? or should I just buy a couple of Yards and have the seats redone with the original Confortweave. My interior code is ("CB", Med Blue Vinyl w/Comfortweave inserts) Thanks
  7. HI, Im a new member, I have found a lot of info on this site. I have owned my 1972 Mustang Convertable since 2002. it was in unrestored condition, I gave it a coat of paint back in 2003, and used it all summer as a daily driver and stored it winters, I have also slowly added little thing and upgraded some parts, and in 2005 I replaced the Top with a new one, and Last year I Cleaned up the engine compartment, and painted the Engine. this year I redid the entire car's exterior, I took every panel off sanded it down and had the car painted, I take great pride in this car because I did all of the work my self as a hobby. here are some Pictures of the car and info on some of the minor changes I have done to it: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1972-mustang-convertable
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