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  1. I do see a lot of good parts that are not reproduced, Example the chrome around the windshield.
  2. competition suspensions comes with the following: Heavy duty Front and Rear shocks, heavy duty Front and rear sway bar.
  3. Welcome to the site From Rhode Island.
  4. maybe it was rotted, but salvageable.
  5. I need to find a core gauge to have redone, I like the Tach look in the dash.
  6. give him your Mazda and get the Mustang :) I already told my son, he is getting my wifes 10' Prius, cheap to insure, and great gas mileage (50+mpg) so its cheap to run.
  7. its a 2005 meets 1972 Mustang... I have mixed emotions on this one, I like the front end, hate the interior, and I'm ok with the back end.
  8. Count's Kustoms® 2714 S. Highland Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109 ph: (702) 733-6216 fx: (702) 733-6217
  9. its to fit in tight Parking spaces :D
  10. either the 2100 D as Jeff said, or its a Motorcraft 2150
  11. yes he did keep the car after restoring it. it started life off as a Light Blue with White convective top.
  12. here is what I did to a 73' AM/8-Track radio to add FM to it. watch the Video in the post http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-adding-aux-input-to-a-am-8-track-radio
  13. The way I do it. I remove the dash pad, then I remove the dash bezel, that will expose the 4 screws that hold down the gauges, next disconnect the Speedometer cable by pushing the white tab and pulling it out. Then you have the wire harness and your out. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  14. I want to get this copy because it looks like my car but with a much nicer engine package 429 SCJ..
  15. Welcome From Rhode Island. That's the nice part about these cars, its very easy to modify to make it the car you always wanted.
  16. the white Vert Scotts working on is yours!!! I saw the Pictures on Facebook he posted, that is a Great looking car!!
  17. All she said was "Don't ask for a new set of tires because you want to play and make a mess in the driveway!!"
  18. I would like to congratulate bkdunha on his August 2015 COTM win. I would like to thank all 7173Mustangs.com members for entering your great looking cars in the contest and voting. Soon we will be ready to start voting for the September Car of the Month (COTM) you can start entering your cars. Be sure to get your entries in by the Auguat 15th, and remember hit the LIKE button on the car you would like as next month’s winner! Once again Congratz to bkdunha To check out bkdunha entry follow the link below. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-cotm-aug-2015
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