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  1. I think if you leave the car in full sun beating n it, then manually keep streaking it till you get it closed then leave it closed in the sun for a few more days you should be ok. Sun and Heat will be your best friend now. like others have said, leaving the top down, the vinyl naturally shrinks.
  2. After 15 + years I finally got rid of the 4 wheel manual drum brakes. I do a lot of long rides in the car, and the fact that all new cars stop quick on the highways made me panic every time we went out for long rides, so I broke down this year and bought the Power disc conversion kit from www.GPSBrakes.com , it uses the stock drum spindles, this kit was very easy to install and setup, I did buy the rear disc kit also but had to return it because of interference with the rims ( I didn't want to upgrade wheels, not this year) The Guys at GPS answered all of my questions ahead of time, and were great to work with, and their pre purchase support is what sold me on their kit. it took about 2 hours to swap over both wheels, and about 5 hours to remove the Master cylinder, the Pedal assy, the manual brake plate for the firewall, and reinstall everything and bleed the system, thank god my son didn't mind getting under the dash for me to help removing the reinstalling the pedal!! I bought a Power brake Pedal and power brake firewall plate off Ebay ($10 + S&H) otherwise the kit comes with the parts to relocate the pin on the pedal. Once I finally got the adjustable valve adjusted for the rear brakes, the car stops Straight, and Fast!! I'm very pleased with this package, Upgrade wroth wild!!! http://gpsbrakes.com/ag-645546.645576.645577-1972-ford-mustang.html Now the Last part which is for esthetics only is the New brake pedal pad which says "Disc Brakes" :D
  3. I'm going to just polish mine, I figured the paint will chip off with the keys banging on it, or I paint it and hang it from the rear view mirror.
  4. they were described as unfinished when they were being sold so the end user can customize it as they like. I loved mine!! now I just need the time to finish it.
  5. Got mine yesterday, they look GREAT!! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. I just opened mine, looks GREAT!!! I'm thinking of soothing out the edges, and just polishing it to make it shine. Thanks Barry!! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. does anyone know if this is a one wire hookup?
  8. load it to YouTube, and post up the link, like I just did on the above post.
  9. I have an AM-8track in my car, it had a missing belt, I found an old 8-track stereo with the proper size belt, I think its 13" here is a video if my Radio, and the minor Mod I did to it so I can have AM- FM-8-track and all of the stock functions
  10. does this radio work? if it does, then it will just need a good clean up, if it doesn't I have seen online a few places that will gut the radio, and install modern electronics in it, offering Bluetooth and other features, but looking and operating as the stock. its about $400-$500 to do that. There is a guy here in Rhode Island that does it, let me know if this is something your interested in, and I'll lookup in contact info.
  11. Welcome from Rhode Island. Post up some pictures when you get the car. Is there an issue with the car that you need checked? if you have good mechanical skills, and with our help I'm sure you can tackle any project on your car, and if you have any question about the car, "how to" questions you found the right place, there a bunch of very knowledgeable members on this site willing to help.
  12. This is the only site out there with this much information on the 71-73 mustang, and the nice part we have it all, Stock, Personized and Modified cars, we have it all covered. But as BKDunha has pointed out, if it wasn't for all the members and Admin we wouldn't be here where we are today. So thank you to all!!!!
  13. I'm putting my order in right now for the convertible..
  14. Looking Sharp!! your wheels look almost like the wheels on my wife's '05 Mustang
  15. my personal opinion is No, but I have seen some mod convert's and they look good. Its a mixed answer !!
  16. I would like to congratulate timsweet on his January 2017 COTM win. I would like to thank all 7173Mustangs.com members for entering your great looking cars in the contest and voting. Soon we will be ready to start voting for the Febuary 2017 Car of the Month (COTM) you can start entering your cars. Be sure to get your entries in by the January 15th, and remember hit the "LIKE" button on the car you would like as next month’s winner! Once again Congratz to timsweet To check out timsweet car entry follow the link below. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-january-2017-cotm
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