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  1. the same with my car, I wanted it at first, but, my wife pointed out the same things you pointed out (Light blue, no stripes, white top) it just won't look right.
  2. We need more car of the month submissions, I will pick the winner October first, the last one we did was July, so I will have 3 winners August, September, and October, places will be based on "Like " counts. All 3 cars will displayed on the home page, and all 3 cars will get their month on the 2017 calendar. follow the link and enter your car, remember, Resorted, Unrestored, it doesn't matter, they all count. http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-cotm-spotlight-submissions Info on the Car Of The Month contest http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-attention-all-members-regarding-cotm--20358
  3. that's a nice gift to get at a car show!!
  4. I like the Light Blue Thunderbird he has for sale.
  5. I have an original untouched one under my hood, it even has the part number sticker on it. I'll take a few pictures when I get home tonight
  6. The pin is included in the kit (Pin, sleeve, cotter-pin, lock nut) they say drill a 1/2" hole 2" below the original pin, and the pin is held in with a lock nut, no welding it, this will give it the proper angle and ratio. in my case, I already have a disc brake pedal and bracket I bought a while back, so I will save all of the original parts in the box will all of the other parts.
  7. OK, I received a Message from Gregg in there Sales/Tech Department. You reuse the Manual Drum Peddle, they have directions on how to Modify the Manual Brake Peddle to use with Power brakes. this whole kit looks very user friendly, I think it made its way onto my list.
  8. Mustang Car Club of New England is having our Annual All Fords & American Iron Car Show & Swap – 2016 @ ***NEW LOCATION*** Oxford Motorcars, 360 Taunton Ave. E. Prov. RI 02914 This year there will be no Pre-Registrations taken for this show. Day of Show: Show Car Entry / Registration Fees are as follows: Autos Entered in a Competitive Class: $20.00 / MCCNE Members: $15.00 Autos Entered for Display Only or For Sale: $15.00 / MCCNE Members: $10.00 All Vendors (except food) are Welcome! Registration & Setup begins at 8:00am. NOTE: Vendor Space fee: A $$$ DONATION to our Designated Charity is suggested but not required! ATTENTION Non-MCCNE Members! Join the club at this show, save the $5.00 initiation fee and receive a $5.00 rebate on your entry fee, plus your car will be eligible to receive points in our Points Program! ALL FORD FAMILY & AMERICAN IRON AUTOS THRU MODEL YEAR 2014 WILL BE CLUB JUDGED, USING OUR POINT SYSTEM, PRIMARLY ON CLEANLINESS, WORKMANSHIP, CONDITION, FIT AND FINISH. (2015s PLUS, JUDGED BY PARTICIPANT’S VOTE) NOTE: ENTRIES WILL BE SEPARATED INTO THESE DIVISIONS. FORD FAMILY AUTOS - all* - to 1948 & 1949s plus MUSTANGS – all* by generations All Other AMERICAN IRON AUTOS – all* - to 1948 & 1949s plus Each division will be divided into these three classes: STOCK (as it came from the factory) PERSONALIZED (one or two minor visual changes) MODIFIED (anything goes!) Three Trophies Awarded per Class! (*all = all body styles) NOTE: The MCCNE reserves the right to alter the classes on show day as conditions may warrant! JUDGING REQUIREMENTS! HOODS & TRUNKS or HATCHES OPEN; CONVERTIBLE TOPS & ALL GLASS UP; DOORS UNLOCKED; FIRE EXTINGUISHER IN PLAIN SIGHT; OWNERS MUST BE NEAR THEIR CAR WHEN JUDGED! - Make plans NOW to attend our NEXT TWO shows of the season! September 11th – 37th Annual MUSTANG Power Show @ Mustangs Unlimited, 440 Adams Street, Manchester, CT 06042 (rain date: 9/18/16) October 2nd – 36th Annual MUSTANGS & AMERICAN IRON Fall Round-Up & Swap Meet @ ***NEW LOCATION*** Devens Town Common, Devens, MA 01432 (rain date: 10/9/16) INFORMATION: Call the MCCNE Information Line @ 508-674-5462 anytime, 24 / 7 or on the WEB @ www.mccne.com
  9. This looks like a really good kit, I'm in the Market to do the same conversion. I keep debating stay manual just upgrade to front disc, or upgrade to power, I sent them the question about the brake peddle, when I get a replay I will post it up.
  10. I'm looking to do a similar upgrade, but just going from 4 wheel drum to a Disc/Drum combo and keeping it manual. I have also looked into the Power upgrade with aftermarket kits but they are $$$$$ Wilwood has a kit that uses the Drum Spindles, but needs a 1" boar master cylinder and new Disc/drum proportioning valve. SSBC has complete kits will all parts needed, using your existing Drum Spindles. Summit also had a kit which is put together by SSBC. there are many many options without needed a donor car these days, but they all depend on how much you want to spend.
  11. Welcome to the Club from Rhode Island. The rust areas you showed are very common areas on these cars, I'm sure once you lift the carpet you'll find a bit more. as for the roof, I can't answer that one (I have a Convertible). $2500 is a good price I think for the car, especially if it runs and drives. When I started on my car I had Zero welding experience, my car forced me to get a Mig welder, and now I can just about weld anything, and also I learned to do all the bodywork. Looks like a great project, Good Luck with it.
  12. Mustangs Unlimited also has the Kit for $23 I would call them and ask about shipping to England, I would also buy a couple of kits to keep on hand. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy01.asp?T1=586+01&Category=Air%2FFuel&subCategory=Carburetors&SubSubCategory=V8+2+bbl&CatKey=EMUSTANG
  13. I heard it was a great show. Many of the Mustang Car Club of New England members were there, My wife and I had last minute change of plans and could not make it, we were planning on taking both the 72' and the 05' But in 2018 MCCNE is having the MCA Grand Nationals in New Hampshire, I'm on the board so I have to be there. I'm hoping to see and meet many members there.
  14. It looks just like the Motorcraft 2100 Carb, Just the standard 2bbl found on the 302 and as Hemikiller said, its a very common place to leak they come as part of the Carb rebuild kits.
  15. I'm looking in to adding the Rocketman Tach conversion in my car, I recently bought a very good Core on E-bay, so I can keep my original. http://www.rccinnovations.com/index.php?show=menu-mustang-all#tachs a have to agree with the hood mount ones looking out of place and hard to see because of the angle of the hood.
  16. Rats! I was going to give you $200 for a non-running car and take that thing off your hands! Maybe next time!:[emoji317]: kcmash Nice try. Lol Maybe next time Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  17. I figured it it out, once Don C. said fuel, I found the choke was stuck closed, the linkage fell apart. Its taking off smooth, and acceleration is quick!! Thanks Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  18. I’m looking for suggestion on trying to troubleshoot what I think is a Transmission issue with my 72’ The Car Idles perfect, I can rev the engine up when in Park or Neutral with no issues (3k-4k RPM), as soon as I put it in Drive or Reverse it still idles fine and roles with no issues, but if I step on the accelerator I lose power in Fw and Rev, and the car is almost about to stall, but its fine as soon as I let go if the peddle. Climbing up hill it dies out, and the engine sound like it’s about to stall, and as before as soon as I take the load off the engine it idles fine. Now rolling down hill it roles great and I pick up speed, but as soon as I press the accelerator I lose power and it’s about to stall. Going uphill maybe 1 MPH and sounding like it’s about to blow up, and on flat ground 10-15 MPH at Idle, but I can’t increase the RPM’s without it about to die out. I checked the transmission oil, its full, I have never changed the oil and filter in the trans since I’ve owned it (14 yrs 25k miles) Or could it be the Torque converter? Any suggestions to check will be great
  19. Its a 73 Based on the Picture Ray shared, look at the corner of the headlight, and the antenna, it a one piece whip.
  20. I would like to congratulate ejnonamaker on his July 2016 COTM win. I would like to thank all 7173Mustangs.com members for entering your great looking cars in the contest and voting. Soon we will be ready to start voting for the August Car of the Month (COTM) you can start entering your cars. Be sure to get your entries in by the July 15th, and remember hit the "LIKE" button on the car you would like as next month’s winner! Once again Congratz to ejnonamaker To check out jas280z car entry follow the link below. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-july-2016-cotm
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