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  1. Yup, that's what I was talking about :D
  2. I have recently seen the new Full Console, it does look very good, and as the owner said, its not Fragile!!!
  3. Mine was where Eddyw said, and it should say (3FXXXXXXX) stamped on to it.
  4. Looks very good!!!. next time around I'll know what to do :)
  5. if it was a Sprint Mustang, there is nothing Sprint about it anymore :(
  6. Yes, L/R share the same common pin. And if its 4 channel radio FR/FL and RR/RL that also share one common for all 4 channels. I have the radio schematics on one of my hard drives, I'll have to look them up to post.
  7. Now that I'm reading this, I'm thinking I might have stretched mine out a bit!! Oh well its lasted 4 yrs, I think it will last longer :D
  8. Its a Chrysler product, they most likely went bad at around 20K miles :D I know my Fathers 2002 Jeep liberty had 3 recalls on ball joints, and my sisters 2011 wrangler also recently had a recall and they replaced the lower control arms for her. here are the Recalls and Ball joints are not on the list http://www.cars.com/recalls/jeep/patriot/2011/ and here are the TSB (technical service bulletins) for the car http://www.jeepproblems.com/tsbs/Patriot/2011/
  9. That's Great that you had no rust!!! as others have said, clean the floor really good, and rust proof it, and now it the time to put in some Dyno-mat or equivalent.
  10. I had the same issue, I bought mine in 2012, I did like "Q" said, I worked both sides to the middle bottom, then I made a clean slice and cut off the remaining 3" and glued it together, I never had an issue. one side had about 3" extra, the other side was about 2".
  11. I have watched his show on Velocity "Legendary Motor Car" all of his cars are High end.
  12. most of the guys charge $500 all they do is remove all of the original parts, and install Aurora Design components which is AM/FM/USA/AUX/Bluetooth 45x4 watt amp upgrade that used the existing knobs and dials. they don't fix anything anymore, Like David said, its most likely a $1.00 transistor, or a 50 cent Cap, but @ $40 hr labor rate, and shipping, warrentes and etc, its easier for them to just upgrade the components give you 1 yr guarantee (because its all new guts). that's why I started doing my own repairs.
  13. The convertible top frame is a Satin Black, the Paint Chuck recommended is a great choice.
  14. I thinks its an over priced nicely fixed up Mustang, Its in now way worth anything over $22,000 (MAX) its not Concourse in anyway shape of form, its Just a nice driver, show at Cruise Nights and local car shows. just my 2 cents
  15. I would search around on E-bay, you can get a working AM-FM for $50-$200 depending on who is bidding at the moment. What's wrong with your Radio? I might be able to help.
  16. very detailed!!! And as John pointed out, I guess the price is not that far off.
  17. the cars were painted first (car color) with the doors and truck lid on the car, fenders and hood were painted off the car, then they painted the front 1/2 Satin black, then the hood and fenders were installed.
  18. I have Manual Drum breaks in mine, and I do lots of long distant shows with it, and lost of traffic and local city driving. 1.) Do not tailgate, or follow closely, your stopping distance is much greater. 2.) have the breaks properly adjusted, especially the fronts, if one tire grabs more then the other, it will pull you in that direction. 3.) as mentioned above, watch out in wet weather. over all, be carful, you'll get used to it quickly, and know what to expect.
  19. The car is still on hibernation, in a few weeks ( as long as the weather holds up ) I can take a few pictures for you. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  20. I painted mine with Fabric paint, first I did a coat of Tan, then went over it with white to get the Cream color like the original, it looks really good.
  21. I have that issue, I bought it because its the same color as my car. I didn't realize it was yours!!! Now that is really Cool :)
  22. I got the DMHD-1000i on Ebay for about $25 as for modifying the radio, there is some cutting and internal mods to the radio that need to get done. PM me and I'll discuss it with you.
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