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    1972 Mach 1 R code. I ordered the car new when I was 19 years old.
    2012 Mustang Convertible
    1996 BMW R1100RT with Hannigan Sidecar
    1997 BMW K1100LT
    1981 Honda CM400E


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    Mooresville, IN
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  1. It looks nice. I question where they say it is an original ram air car. I think I remember the ram air was only available with the H code in 1972.
  2. Welcome from nearby Mooresville, IN.
  3. Welcome from Indiana. My Dad's name was the same as yours, even spelled the same with the capital R in the middle.
  4. They made a second brochure and fixed that mistake. I have both brochures.
  5. I wired up the seat belt light, above the glove box for my line lock light. I put a small switch in the ashtray to activate the line lock. It is not used much anymore.
  6. That is my next adventure!, How is the riding around SD? I want to go there but not at bike week, i ride better with smaller groups and get agravated when all the posers start reving their engines splitting my ear drums and then nthey put their bikes back on the trailer:D Would love to see Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devils Tower and everything in between::thumb:: I agree with you about not being there during the big rally. I was there in late June and it was great. The weather was nice and the roads were not crowded. We made it to Badlands NP and Devils tower as well as MT Rushmore. After the sidecar rally we spent a few days in Spearfish. We even stopped In LeClaire, IA and visited the American Pickers store on the way out.
  7. Great trip! I'm glad it went well. We went on a trip to the National Sidecar Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota last June and rode 3200 miles. We also made it out to Montana and Wyoming.
  8. I think I remember seeing that car a couple of years ago when we were taking my Daughter to the Knoxville airport.
  9. My Dad had a 72 LTD with a 351C 2V back in the day.
  10. Thanks for posting this. It brought back a lot of memories. I saw the Hubert Platt car a couple of years ago at the Mustang National show at Indianapolis Raceway Park.
  11. Very nice bike. Is it the Bonneville SE? That is the Triumph that I would choose. I really like the classic styling and I do prefer the alloy wheels for the safety of being able to use tubeless tires.
  12. We are currently on our way to Sturgis for the National Sidecar Rally. We should arrive tomorrow.
  13. I have JC Taylor and pay around $300 for $45K agreed value. At first they wanted an appraisal, then they noticed the R in the serial number and said it was not necessary.
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