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  1. There must have been a lot of late model Mustangs there Sunday. I found some pictures of Roy before the breakdown.
  2. I was riding the Dragon on Sunday morning on the way home from Sidecars in the Smokies. I was probably there about 7:30 in the morning. I made 3 passes during my stay there. Driving that road without power steering would be tough. I found out that we had tennis ball size hail at the cabin on Thursday. No broken windows. Insurance is going to check the roof.
  3. Correct if I'm wrong but didn't all HO's have Ram-air like Boss 351's? No, the only engine the ram air was available with in 72 was the 351 2V. The HO was not available with ram air.
  4. Nice pictures. Is the lime green Mach 1 a real HO?
  5. Soot can indicate a rich condition. You might check your plugs to see if they are also sooty. If it is a rich condition they should all be the same.
  6. I agree with you on Wheeler Dealers. They do things more like the average guy would. I really like the Velocity channel. It is my favorite.
  7. In my drag racing days I shifted by the tach. I agree with You. On my bikes and cars I always shift by sound and feel. My little Honda 400 that I ride to work doesn't even have a tach and it is not missed.
  8. Doc, Did it with the whole package..Deluxe Marti report..emminger invoice..window sticker..Yes you order from the Marti site How long did it take to get it? I ordered the top of the line Marti Report in February and only have received one page in an email. I think they said it would come in May.
  9. Sounds like she had a happy birthday. I got my 2012 for my birthday.
  10. Here are the specs for the 4300d in 72. 72 4300 D specs.pdf
  11. The 4300D that my car came with is 750 cfm. I think all Q and R codes in 72 were that size.
  12. Nice Mustangs. Your 2011 looks a lot like Roy's.
  13. We love it down there. It is always hard to leave. The new convertible did great on the twisty roads.
  14. Mine is also 19 years younger than me.
  15. My wife and I are in Gatlinburg this week and Roy and Stacey came to see us at our Cozy Nest cabin. It was great to see them again.
  16. It is definately worth attending. I have been able to pick up some good stuff at reasonable prices there over the years. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go this time. Maybe in the Fall.
  17. I found one at the Columbus Ohio swap meet a few years ago for a couple of bucks. There should be a blank plate there if there is no light.
  18. I saw the ads for that show on TV and was not interested. I have tried to watch that show before and ended up going to something else or turning off the TV.
  19. Yes it was an option. I know because I ordered it on mine in 1972.
  20. I like it. You got a good deal. It has the Boss 351 look .
  21. FYI, mine came with an aluminum intake and valley pan from Ford.
  22. Glad that You are recovering. Hopefully by the Rod Run You will be back to normal.
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