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  1. I wonder if they also have a sign that says ATM machine inside. I have seen these at gas stations.
  2. Here are some of mine. Roy, Check out the can of World's Fair beer from Knoxville.
  3. I remember this happening to my Dad's Galaxy years ago. He just replaced the headlight switch as I recall.
  4. Need to put some argent along the bottom of the new one I agree, i am thinking the black along the bottom may become argent someday.
  5. David, try looking at this link for some real world mpg data. fuelly.com The colors are actually pretty close. It seems like the new one is just a bit brighter. Compare for yourself.
  6. Yes, the pony package has a nice look. This one happens to have the side stripe delete, which is fine by me as you can tell by my 72 Mach 1. I am still trying to learn all the features, especially the Sync feature. The V6 is quite impressive with the 6 speed manual. I am sure it does fine with the automatic as well.
  7. That happened to My son in law's Saab. It was just making a noise and did not handle badly when it happened.
  8. It sounds like a good setup to me. Look at the positive side. Convertibles are a lot of fun and so is driving a car with a manual transmission. A 3 speed is easily changed to a 4 or 5 speed. You already have the pedal setup. There is much that can be done to the 302. I would not hesitate.
  9. We have plans for the first week of April. We may come sooner is we get a weekend when the cabin is open. Car show is 12,13,14 of April:idea: Kathy's spring break is the first week of April. This is her last school year as she is retiring in May.
  10. Is that a Saab? It looks nice. My son in law has one and likes it pretty well. His is a 4 door. He had to replace the power steering pump. It was not too bad, he did it himself. If I recall correctly it was driven from the end of the cam. I helped him with brakes. It used bolts instead of nuts for the wheel lugs.
  11. We have plans for the first week of April. We may come sooner is we get a weekend when the cabin is open.
  12. I will do that when it is not raining.
  13. Well, I have been looking out for a late model Mustang convertible in Grabber Blue with the 3.7 engine and Manual trans. That is a hard combination to find. I found a new 2012 and bought it. That V6 is very powerful and it is a fun car to drive.
  14. I have a Garmin Nuvi 1450T with 5" screen. I like it pretty well. It is user friendly and is much better than the nav system that came in my wife's car. I used to have a Magellan Maestro, but ruined it whel I let it get wet on the motorcycle in the rain. Overall I like the Garmin more than the Magellan.
  15. When the R code is under the hood stripes are not necessary.
  16. Back in the 70s I had a 1968 Ranchero that I used as a daily driver so I would not have to drive the Mach 1 to work. This Ranchero was quite rusty. One day as I was coming home from work I heard a scraping sound coming from the back of the vehicle. I pulled over and saw the gas tank was on the ground. I remembered that the battery hold was gone and it was being held in place with a black rubber strap with metal hooks on the end. I used that strap to hold the gas tank up. It held well enough to go back to the shop and make up some new metal straps. Here is the only picture that I have of the Ranchero. The picture quality is about the same as that of the Ranchero. The Yamaha on the other hand was a fine ride. I also have a couple of others. A couple of my buddies and myself were riding our motorcycles and upon arriving at a rest stop one of the guys dropped his bike. It looked as everything was OK, but when we started to leave his bike would not start. We saw that the clutch safety switch was damaged and this bike would not start, even in neutral without the clutch being pulled. I had some twist ties like come on a loaf of bread. We stripped one down to the bare wire and used it to jumper the switch. We then wrapped it with electrical tape. It is still running with that repair. Earlier that same year my wife and I were heading to Maggie Valley on our sidecar rig when suddenly my leg felt wet. I coasted to the nearby exit on I 40. Gas was spraying all over. Since we have AMA towing we called them for a tow. We took it to a BMW dealer that was exactly 35 miles away. That is how far they tow before extra charges. We sat around the dealer until the service manager came out and said one of the fuel lines popped off and he did not have the clips in stock ro secure it. I suggested bending the old clip to make it work. He tried it and it worked, but would not let me leave with that repair for liability reasons. I then removed the clip, and reinstalled it myself so he would not be held liable. I then purchased some zip ties and further secured it. I also put zip ties on the other side because I lost faith in the clips. It held fine for the rest of the trip. When I got home I ordered the new clips, and installed them. I also put on some zip ties as an extra measure of security.
  17. Yes it is a great ride. I want to take the Mach 1 there someday. I have been going there for 21 years. It was less crowded then. My brother told me about the Hell Roads show. I have my DVR set.
  18. Thanks for the pictures. I usually try to go to world of wheels in Indy. There is something for everybody. It is a great way to spend a winter day.
  19. Are you going this weekend or next? We might be in the area next weekend if the weather is OK.
  20. I always thought American Pie was from that Year. I guess it has been a long time.
  21. He did this at the Indy 500 a few years ago. What a disgrace. I guess a lot of people like screaming type music.
  22. I got some nice stuff, but what stands out is my 7173 Calendar and a 15 lap shootout racing experience package with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience. This will be at the 5/8 mile oval at Lucas Oil Raceway, formerly Indianapolis Raceway park. I sure have some great kids! I also got a new Holley carb for the Mach 1, but i opened it early.
  23. Now I know what to tell my daughters when they ask what I want for Christmas.
  24. In my opinion, yes. I would rather have even a 3 speed than an automatic. I guess I just prefer manual transmissions.
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