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  1. Mine has the stock 5 blade flex fan. The spacer is 2 5/8" long. I remember it having been replaced because of a recall from Ford. The replacement looked the same as the original. There was an issue with some of them coming apart.
  2. Have a great ride. We were at the cabin over Memorial day week. Here are a couple of Dragon photos of us with one of our daughters.
  3. Mine fit with the stock distributor, but I had to remove the snout from the stock air cleaner.
  4. You do very nice work. Is that my old stripe on the back?
  5. It looks like you had a good time. we are at the cabin this week. we had 2 of our daughters and a son in law join is this weekend. We are going ride the Dragon today, then take our daughter to the Knoxville airport to catch her flight back to Jacksonville. I took the daughters for a sidecar ride yesterday. Just like old times.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Good luck in your search. I sent you some info.
  7. The white Boss 351 went across this evening, but my brother was here and we were not paying a lot of attention to what was going on. I have it on my DVR though. I think it got a high bid in the 40s and did not meet reserve. The 3 71s that are together will probably be high dollar cars as they have a lot of documentation and are in the corner of the main building where the auction arena is. The best cars are usually in that building.
  8. I just went to the Mecum Auction in Indy last night. That is awesome. There are supposed to be 2,000 cars there for sale. Here are just a few of the 71-73 Mustangs that I saw there. The Yellow 73 convertible is pretty cool. It has a 4 speed. The 3 71s that are together and in the corner of the main arena are beautiful. I had to hurry to get through all the areas where the cars were in one evening. We sat in the auction for a while and a nice 71 Mustang coupe went through that got a bid over 14K and did not reach it's reserve. It had a mach 1 grille, bumper and hood as well as Magnum 500s.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Too bad you have to sell the R code. They are rare, but I am not sure of the current value. Mine is worth a lot to me, but may not be worth much to someone else. They don't sell very often so it is hard to tell till you try. Maybe you should put it in an auction with a reserve on it. I just went to the Indy Mecum auction last night. That is a neat experience. There were 2,000 cars there to sell this week.
  10. I got 96%. I confused the 52 and 53 Mercs.
  11. It looks like it should be a D2ZF AA if it is a 4 speed or a D2ZFBB if it is an automatic. See if this spec sheet helps. I have been able to get carb rebuild kits for mine at my local Carquest auto parts. 72 4300 D specs.pdf
  12. Congratulations! Your car is beautiful, as well as ultra rare and historic.
  13. My Dad had an Edsel Villager wagon when I was a kid. I loved riding in the back seat in warm weather and having the rear window flipped up. My older brother had started driving when we had that car and said it was very fast, but we were used to 6 cylinder Chevys.
  14. I have ridden sidecar rigs for years so I had no trouble getting used to turning the handlebars to steer. It feels pretty stable in the corners and has plenty of power. The only thing that felt strange was being in the middle of the lane.
  15. Check out this car that will be auctioned at Mecum Indy next month!
  16. That's neat! They say you can take road tests with these. Looks too easy, then they get their motorcycle endorsment and get on two wheels and crash. :huh: I think they should stick to two wheels for road tests. Personally I think its harder to ride than a regular bike, but thats coming from someone who has rode one all my life. I rode one at Mid Ohio last year and had a ball on it. In Indiana if you take the test on 3 wheels, you are restricted to 3 wheels. Back in 1988 my wife took her test on our sidecar rig and got a regular motorcycle endorsment. They don't do that anymore.
  17. We had a great time with You, your gal, and friends. Great people. Your car is awesome. The paint is amazing and everything that you are doing to it will make it one of the best 71-73s ever. You should have come down and watched the Butler vs. VCU game with us. That was great. Go Butler! Here are a couple of pictures of our sidecar rig.
  18. It is now held at Lucas Oil Raceway, which used to be O'Reilly Raceway Park, and before that Indianapolis Raceway Park. It will be June 25 and 26 this year. Contact the Mustang Club of Indianapolis for more info. I plan on being there this year.
  19. My 72 Mach 1 has intermittent wipers and I did not order it when I ordered I ordered my car. The first time I shut the wipers off and turned it to the left past the off position I thought something was wrong with the wipers.
  20. I have been there many times, but I will not be able to make this one. It seems like the fall one is bigger.
  21. I had to remove the air cleaner snout to make it work on mine. It is close for some of the distributor wires, but there is clearance. With Pertronix installed in place of the dual points, I have no reason to remove the cap.
  22. Listening to the solid lifters and shifting the long throw 4 speed shifter.
  23. I am interested in seeing how this comes out. I love the idea of a T5 in a Grande. Shortly after we were married we got a 72 Grande for my wife. That was her first car. At that time we were a 2, 72 Mustang family. I cant find any pictures of it to post. It was brown with brown vinyl top and had a 351 2V engine. It was out first car with AC.
  24. Your car is awesome. I love the Orange with argent. I don't think that I have ever seen one with that combination.
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