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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments.
  2. Welcome, it is great to see someone else from Indiana. Show us some pictures.
  3. I still have the original 351HO in mine. It has never been out of the car and still runs great.
  4. In 1972 I was 19 and I decided that I wanted a new Mach 1. I looked all over Indianapolis for a new one with a 4 speed and could not find one. I decided to order one and in May of 1972 I did it. When looking over the options there was the 351 HO option. That was the best that I could get at that time so I ordered it. It seemed like a good deal with all that was included, and I did not care about air conditioning at that time. My best buddy said I should get the rear window defroster so I did. I also ordered the sports interior, Magnum 500 wheels, AM/FM stereo, power steering, and deluxe instrumentation. It came to over $4,000 and with my trade in and deposit I was left with $95. a month payments for 2 years. I took delivery in July of 1972. It took longer than I was told it would. They told me that they were waiting for the engine because they did not build many with that one. The day I took delivery I burned 3 tanks of gas just cruising around. I could not believe the power that it had. The hardest part for me was deciding what color to make it. I finally decided on Grabber Blue. After all these years I cannot imagine it being any other color. I said at the time that I would keep this car till I was old and so far I have.
  5. I recognize the wheel. I had a pair of them on the front of mine during my drag racing days. They were made by Motor Wheel, the same company that made our Magnum 500s. I believe they were called the Spyder.
  6. Mine says that the windshield washer is activated by pulling on the knob and that the wipers are automatically activated with the washer. Neither of those are true on my car.
  7. I have seen these for sale at the big Ford swap meet in Columbus, Ohio. I bought the 72 edition.
  8. Last night I watched the movie "Flash of Genius" about the guy who invented intermittent wipers and they showed it being introduced on a 71 or 72 Mustang. There was also a scene with a couple of Mach 1s driving in the rain with intermittent wipers. I was wondering how many of you have this feature on your cars. It is on mine and I ordered the car new, but did not order the intermittent wipers. I did however order the rear defroster. I wonder if they included it with the rear defrost. My car was ordered in May of 72 and I took delivery in July. It was probably one of the last 72s built with the R code engine. There is nothing about intermittent wipers in my owners manual, and I found nothing in my 72 Mustang facts book which lists all options as well as standard features. There is mention in my Ford shop manuals.
  9. Nice car, I am only about an hour away from you in Mooresville. I went through Columbus last weekend on the way to North Vernon for camping.
  10. I like the Aluminum wheels. They were only available in 73. At the time I liked them better than the Magnums on my 72 Mach 1.
  11. I like that scoop. I had a 69 Fairlane that I put one of those scoops from a Torino in a junkyard. Mine had turn signal indicators in the back of it. I traded that car in on my Mach 1. I put the stock hood and wheels when I traded it.
  12. I went to the US Nationals last year for the first time in over 30 years. I am probably going this year. Post a picture of what you are running and we will watch for you and maybe look you guys up. I am only 30 minutes from ORP.
  13. I broke one on the drag strip back in the day on my 72. I chained it after that. If I would have known I would have put a 73 mount there.
  14. Where do you race in the midwest? Back in 73' and 74' I did some stock eliminator racing at Muncie and Indianapolis Raceway Park(now O'Reilly Raceway Park) With my Mach 1. I love the fact that you run all manual transmissions. That is the way it should be.
  15. My other car is also a Mustang, a 1994 convertible with V6 and 5 speed. Mostly though I move around on one of my motorcycles, a couple of BMWs, one with a sidecar, and commute to work and back on a little 81 Honda 400. The Honda is my daughter's bike, but she is not riding now.
  16. Here are a few pictures. I hope it helps. Excuse the nasty underside. it is an original car, but the exhaust has been changed many years ago. It is still the original configuration. The staggered shocks should only help as the shock is behind the axle on this side. It is close though. About an inch clearance at the closest spot. Good luck!
  17. Here are a few pictures of my 72 Mach 1. I have had this car since new. I ordered it with the 351 HO package.
  18. I love to ride my motorcycles. I have a couple of BMWs, one with a sidecar.
  19. Here we are on our wedding day in 1974. I still have the same wife and car.
  20. It is pretty much original, but it has had rust repair and been repainted. The engine has never been out of the car. The car has about 95,000 miles on it.
  21. I have had my 72 Mach 1 since new. I ordered it with the 351 HO package(R Code) when I was 19 years old.
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