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  1. When it would hook up it would really run. The traction bars and other mods came later. Probably the biggest gains came from the 4.57 gearing and M&H Racemaster drag tires. I always used the stock carb. I was a lot younger then and the best times came at the Muncie Dragway. We always ran at night there. It was usually a little slower at Indy.
  2. I had mine on the drag strip and several timed in 73 and 74. Completely stock with street tires and no modifications it would run 14 flat. After changing the rear end to 4.57 and getting better tires and open exhaust I got it down to high 12s.
  3. Thanks for the post. It brings back many memories. I fall into both categories. I dreamed of owning one from the time I first saw a picture of the new 71. I finally was able to afford one late in the 72 model run.
  4. Welcome from Indiana! Back in 74 I bought a used 70 Fairlane to keep from putting miles on my Mach 1. That is the same body as a Torino, jut a cheaper model. Mine had the 302 and 3 speed manual trans on the column. It became my wife's car when we got married. I really like Fairlanes and Torinos , but she did not like driving the Fairlane. We sold it and bought her a used 72 Grande. Good luck finding what you need for the car. This is the only picture of the 70 Fairlane that I can find.
  5. That is an odd looking 4 speed shifter.
  6. I went to the Mecum auction at Kissimmee today and saw quite a number of our kind of Mustangs there. I saw a real nice 71 M code Mach 1 sell for 40,000. https://www.mecum.com/search.cfm
  7. We had 1.78 per gallon for regular here in central Indiana yesterday.
  8. Nope. Post it if you have a link. THX Ray I guess it sold for $40,000. I thought it was 41,000 when I saw it on TV. They called it a 71 Mustang GT. See if this link works. You might have to log in with mecum to view the price it sold for. https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail.cfm?lot_id=AU1214-198652
  9. Did you see the gold 71 convertible on Mecum that sold for $41,000?
  10. Welcome from Mooresville, Indiana! You have a very nice car.
  11. Welcome from Mooresville, Indiana. Your car looks great!
  12. Welcome from Mooresville, Indiana! We are glad that you found us.
  13. Those cars are very close to where I live. Anyone want me to go check them out?
  14. I am about the same height as you, but with shorter inseam. I have never had any problems with clutching or shifting my Mach 1.
  15. I was on the Dragon just yesterday late morning on my sidecar rig. I need to look and see if there are any pictures of me.
  16. Very nice! Yamaha did a great job with their pushrod V twin. I have ridden many miles on Yamahas in the 80s and 90s. That was my preferred brand for a long time.
  17. Oh Yes, I love to ride! I currently have a couple of BMWs, one with a sidecar. We rode the sidecar rig to California last September and are leaving for Tennessee on it this week. I got my first motorcycle shortly after I bought my Mach 1. It was a Honda 450 Scrambler. There have been several bikes since then. We traveled extensively with our kids in a 4 passenger sidecar when they were young.
  18. Welcome from Indiana. It is neat that your car has been in the family so long.
  19. It happened to me a number of years ago, only they used a claw hammer and left it laying there. I just used the same hammer to straighten it that they bent it with and had me a new hammer.
  20. I ordered the elite report a couple of years ago and it took a couple of months to get the framed report. I was able to download the report section much sooner.
  21. Yep. Thanks - I was posting, cutting and pasting too many at once. Corrected! About the 9 inch in a 71 Torino - see this info. I'm not sure how creditable this article is... http://www.hemmings.com/mus/stories/2007/04/01/hmn_feature26.html "The 1971-'76 Ranchero and Torino used what was considered as a race-ready, high-performance unit straight from the factory." Ray That is interesting. I used to have a 70 Torino with 302 and it had an 8" rear end. I guess that changed the next year.
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