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  1. My dad had a 68 Galaxy 500 the same color as yours when I started driving. I think the color was called Royal Maroon. I got to help dad drive on a family vacation right after finishing driver education. I guess that is what made me always like Fords. I remember thinking that Dad's Ford drove much better than the Plymouth Fury that was the driver ed car.
  2. Welcome from Mooresville, IN!
  3. Yes it is November 30 and December 1. There is also a big antique show at the same time in different buildings at the same fairgrounds.
  4. Welcome from a fellow Hoosier.
  5. Welcome from Mooresville, Indiana! That is a great story about your car's history in your family.
  6. What a shame. It is good that you were not hurt seriously. Mine rolled against a tree in the back yard several years ago doing a lot of damage so I know a little of what you are feeling. I hope that you are adequately insured.
  7. Sorry to hear about this. You will be missed.
  8. I have been riding for over 40 years and still love to ride. I currently have a couple of BMWs, an R1100 rt with Hannigan sidecar and a K1100LT solo. I also have an old 400 Honda that i use for local errands. The wife and I are going on a cross country trip to California next week and plan to attend the Griffith Park sidecar rally. In October I am planning on riding with my buddies to Birmingham, AL to the Barber Vintage Festival by way of the Dragon in TN.
  9. Great cars and also great people. I am glad that you posted up some pictures. Hope to see you soon.
  10. Welcome from another HO owner. Your car looks great!
  11. I just got back from this event and there were several 71-73 cars there. I saw last month's COTM there and had a nice visit with mustang68's better half. Also I had a nice visit with bkdunha. It is great to meet members in person. I was able to pass out some of the 7173 business cards. Here are some pictures I took.
  12. Talk about your all time "meant to be's"!!! That's awesome! The real question is do you remember your car's birthday because its the same as your wife's, or your wife's birthday because its the same as your car's??? :P I actually did not know the exact date the car was built until last year when she bought me an elite marti report. I knew about when it was built because I ordered it new. There was a delay and I was told at the time that they were waiting for the engine.
  13. Pretty girl and car! When my daughters were that age they would only drive my Mach 1 in our neighborhood and when I was in the car with them.
  14. Did they put a chrome bumper on the front too? It looks like they put a 71 Hurst handle on it. The rim blow wheel appears to be in good shape. That is a great find. Good luck.
  15. Welcome! that is a very nice car and a great story on how you have had it so long.
  16. I have met Roy and John/Cindy.
  17. On July 6, 1972, my wife (then girlfriend) had her 18th birthday and my car was built.
  18. I introduced the Mach 1 to my newest grandson today. He just turned 1 month old today. He does not seem to be very interested in it yet.
  19. Nice looking Mustang. Welcome from a Hoosier and part time Tennessean.
  20. Interesting, it has the hockey stripe in one side only and has the hood solid color.
  21. I really like your car! It must have been one of the very first of it's kind. Needless to say, I am partial to your color.
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