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  1. I don't usually enter in car shows, but this coming Sunday at our Church the youth are having a car show for a fund raiser. I am going to enter both my 72 Mach 1 and my 2012 Mustang. I may also enter my BMW/sidecar outfit if they will take motorcycles. I care nothing about trophies, I just want to help the kids out.
  2. Beautiful. I notice the CONFORMS TO CALFORNIA EMISSIONS on the label. Are you aware if the car was ever to California? I know in the late 70's and onward, most all Fords conformed to California Emissions...well, not really. But Ford put the sticker on anyway and had the dealers fiddle around with the cars. Some guys here want to use this sticker as evidence the car is a California original car, but I would disagree. Perhaps you can lend credence to this.] Thanks. I am sure that it has never been in California. I have owned it since new and I special ordered it.
  3. That sounds great! I would go except we have planned to ride our sidecar rig to California at that time. I have been on those roads many times as we have a vacation home in Gatlinburg. I have never had the 72 there, but I would like to. If you make it an annual event I would like to plan for next year. Here are a couple of pictures from the Dragon.
  4. Congratulations! Your car looks great! Scotty told me that he was going to use my car, but I am sure that yours looks better. I will look for the magazine.
  5. Mine was made 41 years ago on July 6, 1972.
  6. Welcome, I have a friend in Sewickley, PA. That should not be too far from you. He has a 71 Cutlass.
  7. Great to hear from you, Roy. We are heading to TN the third week of August. Maybe we can meet.
  8. There was a fellow last Friday evening at the local cruise in that told me that he used to have a 72 Mach 1 with the 351 HO. He said it was like mine except that it had air conditioning and automatic transmission. He insisted that He ordered it that way from the factory. I had a hard time believing that one. As far as I know air and automatic were not available with the HO.
  9. Welcome from another original owner. Your car looks great!
  10. I have noticed that in a lot of the newer cars you cannot even see the hood while driving.
  11. I agree, I don't like automatics either. I had to order mine back in 72 to get a manual as there were none at any of the Indy area dealers. It does not bother me that most are automatics. I say have it the way that you want it. It just makes our cars with manuals more rare, not necessarily better. My first car was a Buick with a Dynaflow. That is what turned me against automatics and I have not had one since. Speaking of 3 pedals, someday I would like to drive a Model T and an old Chrysler product with the Fluid drive, just to see what they are like. They both had 3 pedals.
  12. According to my little blue book the primary throttle bore for the D2ZF-GA, which is the R code carb is 1.56and the secondary throttle bore is 1.96. This is the same for all 4300D carbs. The venture diameter is 1.25 and the air flow CFM is 750. I hope this helps.
  13. Here are some from a few years ago. Some are from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and others are from a Pony Trails ride in southern Indiana.
  14. I hit a deer a few years ago on my motorcycle and that was no fun. Luckily my gear protected me and I was able to pick up the bike and ride the 60 miles home.
  15. I ordered mine since I could not find a 4 speed car on any of the lots in Indy. I traded in my 1969 Fairlane and financed $2,500. for 2 years at $95. a month. It was a bank loan secured by my parents. I was considering a used 1970 Mach 1 with a 428 CJ and 4 speed that was available, but at the time I really wanted a brand new car.
  16. I did the same thing to mine years ago. Just make sure when you get new tires that you make them aware of this.
  17. I looked at my spare Hurst handle and could not find any numbers stamped on it. You got me curious so I pulled out the handle that is on my car and there were no numbers on it either.
  18. That is great! What a fine family he has. Hopefully he will join our forum.
  19. Welcome, Your car looks great! We are practically neighbors. We should get together sometime.
  20. Welcome to the forum from another original owner. I also special ordered my 72 Mach 1. I could not find one in any of the local dealers that had a 4 speed so I ordered the 351 HO package. Be sure to enter your car for the Car of the Month.
  21. The Fall Columbus swap meet is the weekend after Thanksgiving. It used to be bigger than the Spring meet.
  22. I went last fall and have been many times in the past to both spring and fall events. I will probably not have time to go this weekend.
  23. Mine has the black handle and has the number D1ZX-6750-BA on it. I think it is calibrated for 6 quarts the same as the Boss 351.
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