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  1. We rode from Indy area to Gatlinburg, TN and back without riding on any interstate highways. It was a great ride both ways.
  2. That is my Beemer. It is a 1996 R1100RT with a Hannigan Astro Sport sidecar.
  3. It was great to see Roy and Carl again. Roy's Mach 1 is awesome. It has many modern upgrades, but still keeps the character of a classic. Thanks Roy for fighting the traffic to met us.
  4. Nice Grande! Welcome from Indiana.
  5. I was watching the drags a few weeks ago and they mentioned that she would get back in a top fuel car if she had the oppurtunity.
  6. How about Dragstrip Girl. It has Tommy Ivo and Frank Gorshin. There is also Hot Rod Girl. Chuck Connors is in it as well as Frank Gorshin.
  7. There is a part of that movie that is supposed to be in 1966 and Connie Kalitta has a 71-73 Mustang Funny car.
  8. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well.
  9. I would like to make a sidecar from one of them.
  10. yeah lux...but you have to consider the American element... "oh its too much trouble to teach my kid how to operate a manual transmission." called LAZY!!! My oldest said "but I dont want to learn how" "Okay good then you will be in good shape from walking every where you want to go":D I have three daughters and they all learned on a 5 speed manual. They had no choice in the matter. They were fine with it. I took a co workers 10 year old son for a ride in the Mach 1 and he said that he wanted to drive a manual when he is old enough. I told him to come and see me when it is time.
  11. What's the first four numbers in the sequential part of the vin and I can get real close on the build date? I have the buck tag and some other info but when I went to the data section under 1971 this is what I got and no 28 listed District (DSO) Code Code Description Code Description Code Description 11 Boston 12 Buffalo 13 New York 14 Pittsburgh 15 Newark 21 Atlanta 22 Charlotte 23 Philadelphia 24 Jacksonville 25 Richmond 26 Washington 31 Cincinnati 32 Cleveland 33 Detroit 34 Indianapolis 35 Lansing 36 Louisville 41 Chicago 42 Fargo 43 Rockford 44 Twin Cities 45 Davenport 51 Denver 52 Des Moines 53 Kansas City 54 Omaha 55 St. Louis 61 Dallas 62 Houston 63 Memphis 64 New Orleans 65 Oklahoma City 71 Los Angeles 72 San Jose 73 Salt Lake City 74 Seattle 81 Ford of Canada 83 Government 84 Home Office Reserve 85 American Red Cross 89 Transportation Services 90-99 Export 1F05M114XXX My info is for 72. I would not think the DSO would change in a year, but I guess they must have as my DSO is 46, Indianapolis.
  12. I was there on Monday as well. our cabin was booked and we stayed with friends in Walden Creek and in NC. We left Pigeon Forge Monday evening at 6pm after eating at the Old Mill Pottery. It was a last minute decision to make the trip.
  13. I was visiting a friend near Robbinsville, NC this past weekend and took the new Mustang through the Dragon. We went through Pigeon Forge and there were a lot of classic cars there.
  14. According to my information the DSO 28 is Louisville.
  15. 1960 Buick Le Sabre. 364 Nailhead with Dynaflow. Cost $150. Sold a year later for $50.
  16. She has been the one to beat the last few races. She has won three races so far this season. I just wish that Larry Morgan could get a win in his Pro Stock Mustang. The Jim Dunn Funny Car is sponsored by the company that I work for. It rarely qualifies.
  17. Welcome from Indiana. Your car looks great! The Decor group looks real nice on a convertible.
  18. Is it hard to shift when the engine is off and the car sitting still? If it is, maybe you could squirt a little lube in the shifter.
  19. I say it is up to You. If it was mine the top would be down.
  20. Carburetor should be D2ZF GA Alternator should be D2OF 10300
  21. Give my sympathies to Carl. I just had a similar experience with the PCV hose and oil leakage. Last Sunday night one of the guys from work and his 10 year old son dropped by to return a motorcycle jacket that I had loaned him. Our sidecar rig was sitting out as we had just returned from a ride. The boy was looking over the sidecar rig, then spotted the Mach 1 in the garage. I took him for a short sidecar ride and when we got back he went right back to the Mach 1. I offered to take him home, but hid dad said some other time. I could tell that he really liked the Mach 1 and my wife insisted that I take him home. On this ride I was kind of showing off a little and the boy was having a great time. At one point the engine popped back through the carb, probably due to a long overdue tune up. When I got the boy home his dad noticed a puddle of oil under the Mach 1. I popped the hood and saw the pcv hose had come off. I put it back on and drove home. It popped through the carb again going home and when I pulled in the garage oil was streaming out from what looked like the rear main seal. I opened the hood and the pcv hose was off again. I put it back on and began thinking about how I was going to fix it. I let it sit until today and after reading your post I was encouraged. I started the car up and let it run for about half an hour and no oil had come out. I think I will do the tune up and moniter the situation. It has had a small leak from the rear main seal for many years, but not enough to be concerned about. I really thank you for your post, Roy. It got me thinking. and hopefully saved he from a very big job. By the way, the next day at work my co-worker said that all his son could talk about that evening was Mustangs. He is bitten by the Mustang bug and wants one when he is old enough. He also wants it to have a manual transmission.
  22. Yes, those guys are tough. Casey Stoner was allowed to race, even though he was on crutches.
  23. Yes, but the little red sidecar has a similar name to the cabin. It is a Cozy sidecar and the cabin is Cozy Nest.
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