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  1. Last night we went to an event called Motorcycles on Meridian in downtown Indianapolis. It was in conjunction with the Moto GP that is at the Speedway this weekend. Meridian St. for 5 blocks, and Monument Circle were closed off to all traffic except for motorcycles. What a party! I wish that my camera battery had not died. There must have been thousands of bikes of all kinds. We took our sidecar rig and there were only a handful of other sidecars.Also earlier in the afternoon I was able to demo ride a couple of Victory motorcycles.
  2. Nice optioned car thou...Noticed you got elite...How did the break down report turn out?...Your cars codes alot like mine..Besides the export and a few options...But body..motor..color...and even same interior color that mine was ordered with.....Nice car and report !! I havent got the report by post yet, only this PDF. So there will be a break down report? Nice :) Ill post it if/when I get it. It took about 4 months for mine to arrive. I only got the PDF on the main report, the rest came in the frame later. I took it out of the frame and scanned it, then put it back.
  3. I was not hunting, but I nailed one back in 2005 on Mt Nebo Road in Brown County, Indiana. My wife hit one last fall and did $5,000 damage to her car.
  4. I feel the same way about car shows. I like to look at the cars, then leave. I once pulled into a local car show and someone yelled no Fords allowed, so I left.
  5. Here is a rear shot. See what you think. There is room for bigger, but I wanted to stay with original sizes and wanted the same size on all 4.
  6. I am running 235/60-15 Radial TAs on all 4. They seem to be the perfect size for me. I was told that it is equal to the F60-15 that it came with.
  7. It looks like they are having a drought like we have here in Indiana.
  8. It reminds me of a time when were visiting a tourist attraction on our sidecar rig with the family. I walked out to the parking lot and found a couple sitting on my motorcycle pretending to be driving it. I told them that I am not sitting in your vehicle, so get off of mine. They seemed to be embarassed and were apologetic. If my three daughters and wife were not with me I probably would have said more. I would never think of even touching someones ride unless i was invited.
  9. I noticed the absence of the power steering cooler and exhaust cutouts.
  10. What did she say to your wife to make her react in that manner? I hope that it was not just a case of being cruel to someone because of their weight.
  11. That is a great story. You certainly have a lot of talent. I would like to Come by sometime to see it and meet you in person.
  12. Looks like a good project. You will enjoy driving it when finished. It will take you back to your younger days.
  13. I know what you mean. I recently spent a week and a half in Florida working on my my daughter's 1950s house.
  14. That is a great looking car! Glad to have You on the forum.
  15. We had one back in the 90s. It has a 93 Grand caravan. It was fine until the paint started falling off and the transmission went bad. It was great on gas for a vehicle of it's size. We would consistently get 27 mpg on the highway. We also bought a new Plymouth Voyager in 85. It was a 4 cylinder and got worse mileage than the 93 Dodge with a V6. They have really improved them over the years. The last time I drove one of those it was a Town and Country and ended up with a bad result. It was my sisters Van and I totalled it.
  16. I had forgotten one, a 1970 Fairlane that I used to flat tow the Mach 1 to the drag strip for a while. It became my wifes car when we got married. She hated it and we soon sold it and bought her the 72 Mustang coupe with H code and FMX. She loved that car. I wish I could find a picture of it.
  17. Here are some that I have pictures of. The only picture that I have of the Ranchero is this one with the motorcycle in it. The 69 Fairlane was my second car, but my first Ford. We also have had a Windstar van that I have no pictures of and a Courier Pickup that was mostly Mazda. There was also an Escort that we bought for the daughters to drive. There was a 72 Mustang coupe that we bought for the wife to drive early in our marriage. I can's seem to find pictures of it either.
  18. Interesting - anyone have documentation on that thought? Here is a page from the 73 mustang sales brochure showing the hockey stripes were available.
  19. I think they were available in 73 with the decor group on convertibles and coupes.
  20. Motor wheel spyder. Chuck My 72 R Code in 1977. Chuck That's right. You sure don't see them anymore. The same company that made our Magnum 500s. Your R Code is interesting. It has the black on the hood, but no side stripe and front spoiler but no rear spoiler. That is surely a rare car.
  21. That has to be one of the last of it's kind.
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