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  1. Thanks guys, Yes Im an EE in the industrial controls field. Im the FL rep for Eaton Corp. Eaton has sponsored some of the components like the dash automation and rear end. My company designed the custom VFD to run the brushless PM AC motor made by Remy. Ill try and get more shots this weekend. Im slowly putting it together on weekends so not going as fast as I would like. Thanks for the encouragement guys
  2. Well its been over a year and the project is still progressing. Slowly but steady. The front end is done with the exception of final clear coat, block and another clear coat. The suspension is done, rack and pinion and first off the assembly line Eaton True track rear end with 4:11 gears. 500HP electric motor and proprietary TAW designed 600 amp, 800 V traction drive. Here is a picture of the new front end. The car was shortened 7" with modern look bumper. Does anyone have a source for an electric hood latch? Im using the standard latch set up but want it to be electric. Having a lot of trouble finding one. KigerStang features LED lights and fogs, all electric drive train. (Brushless traction motor), active suspension (patents pending), Willwood disk brakes all around, Drive by wire Can-bus with touch screen digital dash (not installed yet), auto tinting glass that blackens when ignition is off (patents pending). 360 radar detection for anti-crash, backup and blind spot detection. Keyless entry, on board Wi-Fi. Transmission is a modified 5 speed that can be shifted without a clutch or simply left in 5th gear for cruising from 0- 130 mph. Thanks in advance.
  3. My company is a dealer for Flaming river. If enough people want to order parts we can offer a decent discount, up to 20% based on orders over $5000.00. What we call a "power buy".
  4. You measure the length of the shaft any by it by the length. Going by memory I believe it was 32" long. Depending on what you get, tilt, telescope, power, cruise, etc, they build it to order. TAW is distributor of theirs BTW. ;)
  5. Flaming river column and steering wheel. Dont remember the style its black leather wrapped.
  6. Customs are tough. Impossible to please everyone. There are the original guys that wont like anything that isn't and then the "kids" (Im an old fart so sorry, anyone under 30) that if its not touching the ground and have 30"wheels with rubber band tires, they don't like. I'm 56 so, the ground touching stuff doesn't appeal to me and the originals, well I have a 63 split Window and 60 Corvette, both 100% original so I get enough of tuneups, carb tweaks, point changes, etc. So when I want to go original, I hop into one of those. This will be a modern, reliable car I can simply charge, get in and enjoy. Not for everyone, but I like it.
  7. Montage of images... https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=46ed67037fea9709&id=46ED67037FEA9709%21659&ithint=video,wmv&authkey=!AF_U18afmia7hCc Enjoy
  8. We decided to go with Boze. The wheel is on the Projects FB site. Zac, CEO of Boze called me personally. Such a nice guy. He never told me he was the owner so when I called to place the order the next day I asked for "Zac in Customer Service". The guy laughed, you mean our CEO? So unassuming and down to earth... To be honest it was Zacs genuine interest in what we were doing that sold me on his wheels. That and they are absolutely gorgeous. Phil
  9. Our new Drive is in proto. Picture posted on the projects FB site. Our drive represents a much higher level of performance offered from ANY drive in the EV market place. 900 amps peak, 800V input will run up to 550HP electric PM motors up to 10,000 RPM. No other drive in the world has this much power in this small a size. For a reference, our SINGLE motor puts out as much power and torque as Tesla gets out of TWO motors. That from a small Orlando based company without billions of dollars to spend. ;) TAW - "Where electric meets Muscle" Thanks for the support guys.
  10. My wife used to be one of those. Still wouldn't trade her in for a newer model. We fit each other perfect. A good wife that supports expensive hobbies like this are hard to find!
  11. A/C, heated seats will be too much drain on the batteries. We do have the first electrically controlled tinted windows though. with zero current they go totally black (sides & rear only). so parked in a parking lot the car windows are black. this is adjustable and automatic so when there is no UV (raining) they become clear. these windows are a bit costly at $4800 for the set so likely wont add them till after we get some exposure from national magazines.
  12. Maybe SEMA 2018 ;) They don't call me "overkill Phil" for nothing! LOL
  13. We are using full tilt steering column with Key fob detection for two drivers. This is part of our kit offering BTW. The vehicle is key-less. Mirrors, seats and steering column auto adjusts to the driver. Your smart phone will auto link allowing for custom radio stations and contacts. Also we have key-less entry. Putting your hand under the handle (no touch) a sensor senses your hand with a fob in your pocket - pops the doors. You can then open the door with the handle so you don't touch the paint. I like this much better than handle-less doors. The seats automatically go furthest back when opening the door along with the column retracting on door open. Getting in, the seats and column auto fit to your settings programmable on the center counsel touch screen. Windows drop 1/2" prior to the doors popping and then seal after closing for a tight seal. No side window leaks as in the older Stangs. On the touch screen there is a "fun" button. This is a button that will allow you to change the sound of the motor from a VESPA to a VW to a V8. You can also change the sound of the horn from a typical mustang to a cats meow to whatever you want to load as a MP3. I personally like Homer Simpsons "DOH". I love the cup holder comment. :D That will be part of the DIYers build as we are not typically going to furnish the interior parts for EV conversions, just the drive train and higher tech stuff.
  14. Our KigerStang EV is already designed as far as the exterior. Lights are all LED (500 in the rear with scrolling messages programmable from the dash). Billet rear lens plates are planned similar to this: The car will have a 360 radar with center counsel display of all cars around the vehicle. Similar to Teslas new system although that will be for 2017 SEMA. We are trying to get the basic stuff done for SEMA 2016 assuming the new batteries arrive on time. I like the heads up display idea. thanks! We are using a highly modified drive designed specifically for our motor that puts out over 450HP although the motor manufacturer states 412. We can do this with special PWM algorithms that get more efficiency out of the motor at 600 amps/720V. We will have a video showing the car on a dyno for SEMA to prove it to those that dont believe a 95 lb 12" cube electric motor can produce that much power. Yep, it does. Tranny is any Tremec 4-6 speed. KigerStang uses a modified TR3650 but a TR6060 is also capable. Plan to see Gas prices dropping below $2.00 in the next few months. Oil is running scared of Electric and they are attempting to DE-rail Tesla. Wont work big oil... Your time has come. But enjoy the reduced cost of gas.
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