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  1. Hello All, Last year I bought a 71 Mach 1 that needed to be brought back from the near dead. I've got the engine and trans out right now as I work on getting the engine compartment cleaned up and everything out so I can repaint the engine bay. While I'm waiting for that to get finished I'd like to do some light testing of electrical components in the interior such as dash lights, radio, etc. Since I don't have ANY wiring in the engine compartment is there a way I bring 12 volt power temporarily into the interior to start working in there? Thanks! Scott Trigger coming home... Making some progress...
  2. That's an amazingly detailed thread. Tonight after work I'll take a more in-depth look at it. Thanks for sharing that! :goodpost: :coolphotos: :thankyouyellow: Monterey
  3. Hello! I'd like to keep my original PS pump, just have it checked out and rebuilt. It's a Ford/Thompson style, 1971 off my Mach 1. Can anyone suggest a rebuilder they have personally been satisfied with without breaking the bank? Thanks! Scott
  4. I'm with ya! Can't wait. High Def IMAX I'm hoping!
  5. Don, Thank you for creating this easy to use tool. I'm in the middle of an engine (351C) and transmission (FMX) rebuild and looking to change my rear gears too. This helps take some of the guesswork out of it all. :thankyouyellow: Thanks again! Scott
  6. Thank you to both Don and Hemikiller for advice on how to remove the old bushings. I've done something like that before using my sawsall and I'll give it a try! Scott
  7. Stanglover, Thanks for the sketch, it does a good job of explaining. Scott
  8. In trying to decide which path to take I called Summit and asked about the Proforged 102-10076 idler arm. I was told that it's been discontinued by Proforged. :( Scott
  9. Hello All and Happy New Year! I'm working on my 71 Mach 1 with power steering and checking and replacing all the suspension and steering parts showing signs of wear. The existing idler has Ford paint markings on it so I believe it is the original idler. I bought what I believed to be the correct Moog bushings for this K8103 and K8094 but now I'm having a heck of a time trying to get the original bushings out. So I'm faced with some questions. *Can anyone verify that these are the correct bushings for a power steering idler arm? I've contacted Moog directly and am awaiting a response from them. They've already told me they don't carry a 71 power steering idler arm replacement. *Any tips on how to get those bushings out? I've gone to two local machine shops (in my small town) and the guys seem to be at a loss on how to get them out because of the "flange" surrounding the bushings. *If I can't get them out, what's the difference between a PS and Manual steering idler arm? Seems you can find a manual idler but a PS one seems to be more difficult. Are there PS idlers out there? The picture below shows the original idler arm with the replacement bushings/boxes (I hope they are correct). Thanks! Scott
  10. You have some very good points David, well worth taking note of. The case I was referring to had nothing to do with the wheels. I had the rotors turned and even though they were still in spec, they warped soon after and I had to buy new ones. I would agree that turned aluminum wheel interface would likely dissipate some of the heat better than the minimal surface on a stamped steel wheel. Rotors are in general, pretty cheap these days, probably not much more than the labor to turn them, so why bother. Just saying. "Rotors are in general, pretty cheap these days, probably not much more than the labor to turn them, so why bother." My problem is finding affordable "quality" rotors that aren't made in China where who knows what kind of steel is in them. For $20 I can have original Ford or domestically made rotors resurfaced. Scott
  11. I believe so, but they are a bit rusty. I have to clean them up first. Good point though! Thanks! Scott
  12. Hello, I need to have my rotors turned and they are off the car and in need of new bearings/races. Do I need to remove the bearings and races before taking them to the brake shop? Thanks! Scott
  13. Are the bearing surfaces in good condition? It’s a little hard to tell from the pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hello Everyone, I'm in need of a passenger side disc brake spindle for my 71 Mach 1. Possibly the driver's side as well. Thank you!!! :thankyouyellow: Scott
  15. You may have seen my previous post about the Ford slotted aluminum wheels. I'm trying to decide on wheels for my 71 white Mach 1. I'm wondering if I can run at all four corners Magnum 500s that are 15x8 with 4 1/2" back spacing. I already have two nice ones this size. Thank for helping me out. Wheels are such a tough choice! Scott
  16. Thanks David. Did some of them come in 15"? Seems like that may have been an option but I'm still looking... Scott
  17. Hello! I have a chance to buy these wheels from a friend but not sure exactly what they are. I've only seen photos up to this point. They came off a 73 Mach 1 and I don't know if they were original or a replacement done by a PO. If you have any information about these that you can share with me I'd greatly appreciate it. Also there are only three, is it possible to find a fourth? Thank you! Scott
  18. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping that someone can help me with the Mach 1 "chrome" trim that runs along the lower outside of the body. Are the pieces on the driver's and passenger's door the same (ie can they be used on either side) or are they different? You can see the trim piece here on the passenger door. Thank you, Scott
  19. They are not suppose to come apart They are heat welded / new ones are sonic welded togther Thanks Don for the information. ::thumb:: After looking them over I see they would be pretty tough to take apart without damaging something. Looks like it's going to be some good cleaning, lens polishing, and paint touch-up! Scott Anyone have any tricks to clean the inside of the lens? It's driving me crazy trying! Scott
  20. Thank you. It's amazing the amount of incorrect information out there.... TGIF!!! Scott
  21. I believe that they installed one on the Mach 1 on the Wheelers Dealers show this year. I think it was the first episode and there is a brief scene in the show where they comment on it and you get a quick look at it. I could be wrong but... Good luck, I'm curious how they look up close too. Scott
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