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  1. To be honest I have no freaking idea at the moment which way to go. Too many irons on fire. I've got the EFI tunnelram done waiting for installation, an extra 4-bolt CJ block, 1500hp rated rods crank&pistons, +1000hp rated transmission and now the extra heads for starters. Dreaming is cheap, doing would be expensive. Better take a deep breath and lay back for a while. I also mocked up a 5-point harness today. Lake, you're a professional welder, would you weld for my mach a cage if I end up to the more expensive option?? You're going to install the 32 valve modular later on?
  2. Man, I like your thinking! Very innocent looking car though.
  3. Lake, what a coincidence, I was "headhunting" on Sunday. I bought two set of heads. Aluminium ones are Blue Thunder 460 cid heads with 100cc combustion chamber w/ chevy exhaust side. I still have a one set of BBC straight forward turbo headers and now big cc heads... one step closer to a twin turbo bigblock Mach 1?? :dodgy: :chin:
  4. Thank you, I also love my stg58 and vz, just picked up a MP5K that I can wait to get to the range. I have a couple friends in Europe that are getting, or at least trying to get their CCW for that exact reason. David CCW is handy that it really is concealed but if you're not having the permission for ccw then you're screwed once get caught. I received the Barak BR99 shotgun recently and fell in love. Turkish shotgut and sweet and nice quality compared to russian magazine fed saiga 12k shotgun. Barak is basically the same frame where the Firebird precisioun 2 grand semiautos are based on. Here are few pics with the original front & rear sight and an another with red dot. Magazines takes 12 rounds with the extensions installed. Compensator is Finnish desing, which I've not tested yet. Without the compensator the recoil is severe IMO, anything above 28gr shot makes the shooting not so pleasent. Compesantor is told to make night'n'day diffrence. BR99 with original sights with red dot and piccatinny riser installed
  5. dhfawcett thats a nice collection there. Now is there a black Galil also in the center? You should pursue a Finnish M92s, its the last (unfortunately) assault rifle desing from our military. I mentioned the ruger & barak in the earlier message. There are few cannons worth of mentioning in my gunsafe. Switzerland made numbers matching Stg58 "fal" one of my favorites with military Hensoldt Fero z24 scope. There's a CZ858 (vz58) looks like AK but more slender, it's with reddot and FAB quad rail. 590 Mossberg w ghost rings 12g, H&K USP 9 mm. Few more shotguns and rifles in different caliber. Unfortunately or luckily we don't have the CCW possibility for normal citizen. But the times are changing, EU is fixing the gun laws not sure in to what direction but hopefully in to right direction. The mass immigration is making me feel to carry concealed piece just in case. Until that - happy shooting guys!!!
  6. Dude, car looked good with the chromebumper but the new look is way better. Looks so right!!
  7. I got a week ago a new stainless bull barrel Ruger 10/22. My intention is to modify it to miniriffle competition. I am also waiting a new mka 1919 12/76 shotgun to arrive on Thuesday. It's named here in Europe as Barak br99, I ordered few extra 10rnd magazines and a 3rnd magazine extension so 13 rnds in magazine and one in barrel. Should work in three gun style competition. I've been also lurking a firebird precision aluminum lower and aluminum front stock with left hand racker. Gonna test it before and maybe later going to upgrade.
  8. Left is '71 429 thunder Jet with ol' school scoop. Right one is a Venezuelan Mustang with original hood ornament... take a closer look. This was my first mock-up, which I deleted. The lifted RAM-AIR hood can be found from this thread. It looks bitchin' but it is very laborintensive IMHO. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-jon-kaase-boss-429 I've got the Dominator hood with the cowl induction waiting somebody :whistling: to take a break from gunstuff and stop slacking from the garage duty - get it painted and installed. Seriously its not an easy task to make a good looking RAM-AIR hood with good looking scoop. Good luck with your project!
  9. With 429/460 engine? If yes, then with what framemounts & enginemounts? Sounds too good to be true!
  10. Fpa are great for the groundclearence as Tommy states. If I would be again in the situation that I haven't got headers I would go with custom headers. That's app. 15 hundred but worth of spending and you'll get all the goodies. If you're having good fabricator you're going to get good ground clearance, none so ever pipes under the frame&lower control arms and merged collectors.
  11. MuscleCar Review "25 Fastest Fords" article Specials; '65 Shelby 427 12.20 / 118 (slicks '70 Boss 429 12.30 / 112 (slicks "stocks": 1) '62 Shelby Cobra 260.......12,90 @ 114..........4 spd. 2) '66 Shelby Cobra 427.......13,20 @ 110..........4 spd. 3) '68 Cougar XR7 GTE 428...13,23 @ 103,39.....C6 4) '69 Boss 429....................13,27 @ 107..........4 spd. 5) '70 Torino Cobra 429 scj...13,30 @ 106..........4 spd. 6) '71 Torino Cobra 429 scj...13,30 @ 106..........4 spd. 7) '71 Mach 1 429 cj............13,40 @ 105...........C6 8 ) '63 Marauder S-55 427....13,40 @ 105,7........4 spd. 9) '70 Boss 302....................13,43 @ 103,22.......4 spd. 10) '68 Mustang 428..............13,56 @ 105,62......4 spd. 11) '63 Galaxie 500 2dht 427..13.60 @ 107..........4 spd. 12) '69 Mach 1 428................13,69 @ 103,4........C6 13) '70 Mach 1 428................13,80 @ 103...........4 spd. 14) '71 Boss 351...................13,80 @ 104...........4 spd. 15) '65 Shelby AC Cobra 427..13,80 @ 106..........4 spd. 16) '64 Shelby AC Cobra 289..13.80 @ 112..........4 spd. 17) '69 Shelby GT500 428.......13,87 @ 104,52.....4 spd. 18 ) '69 Cougar ht 428cj.........13,93 @ 102,38.....4 spd. 19) '69 Cyclone 428cj.............13,94 @ 100,89......C6 20) '69 Fairlane Cobra 428......13,96 @ 101..........C6 21) '64 Galaxie 500 2dht 427...13,96 @ 106,80.....4 spd. 22) '70 Cyclone Spoiler 429scj..13,97 @ 100........4 spd. 23) '66 Comet Cyclone 390......13,98 @ 103,8......C6 24) '65 Mustang ht GT 289.......14,00 @ 100.........4 spd. PS. I've got the drag cofficiency somewhere in my files. Was used & determined by some drag team back the good ole day. I'll try to find it.
  12. Thats hot rodding all about - having ton of fun with friends with cars!!
  13. Hood looks to be a dominator fiberglass hood. Man, that 572 cid should give you week lasting smile everytime you drive it. How much hp/tq is it making? Are those iron heads? Looks good.
  14. Wow, I would have to disagree with this comment. Normally, I just let people have their say, but as far as I am concerned, you took it too far in your comment when considering those on this board that have a 429 vert. I guess you are just an overall expert. Good for you. I'll leave it at that... Don't worry, if you're used to handling of C5/C6 Corvette, Ford GT, Ferrari 599 or 350Z/370Z Nissan then you can expect comments like that. Sorry to open the can of worms - it can be closed just by not writing. IMO the only reason I found the restomod '73 vert attractive is the MANUAL transmission and the 429. Thats a manly vert. Remove the 429/manual and replace them with 351w/c+automatic it'll drop the price. I would go with the 35 grand with 429 and 25 grand maximum with sbf. I would keep the bbf+manual and only change the grill to '71-'72 Mach 1 version and would be happy puppy with the stang. ---------- edit: those rear tires are M/T ET Street Radials and obviously somebody has painted the outlines of the marking with white paint.
  15. Funny thing I am just looking at a semi auto shotgun myself cant decide on a Fabarm xlr or Browning Maxus, Remington or a beretta a400. Fabarm is a great sporting gun but slightly heavier than I want. I think S&W quality has suffered a bit, my 686 needed a bit of gunsmithing to be the piece it should. performance centre guns would of been a better choice. I find Ruger super redhawks in 44nmore comfortable to shoot than Smiths in 44 but that's just my preference. You sure can stoke up the loads in a ruger the things are sturdy pieces Got a H&K USP expert 9m as well, great gun. STI Trogan lot of pistol for the money. I like it but the blueing is not the most durable. What I really would love to own is a Colt Custom shop 1911. That Royal Blue is beautiful but I would just have to match it with a custom shop Python both with ivory grips these 2 have been on my want list since I was about 12 or 13. EdM has some beautiful custom wheelguns we should all bug him for more pics. ___________________________________ I've got stock HK USP 9mm - very good quality but only the barrel line is high but otherwise a great gun. I had a change to try my friends Pardini open competition 9mm pistol with red dot and I felt in love. That suckers costs allmost 35 hundred but man it was a pleasure to shoot, maybe someday. For semiauto shotgun I am more after a IPSC and a similar Finnish military style shooting and there are three guns left where from I'll pick up one. Those are Benelli M2, Remington 1301 Comp or Barak BR99. BR99's are now equipped with M4 style telescopic rear and it is probably going to win this race and end up to my gunsafe.
  16. Very nice piece. I am now upgrading my armory before EU bans everything due to Paris massacre. I am after a semiauto shotgun and semi auto 22LR and after that I could use a fine S&W revolver around .357 - .44 not sure yet. Are there a gun subjects available here more? Browsing with my phone... Not a dice.
  17. T The only picture I have with the hood mounted are those on the previous page in this thread. Have parked the Mustang for the season (-10 degrees Celsius and snow here now). So it is no space to take more photos for the moment. // Thomas Thomas, Wow, nice!!! Somehow I missed those photos of yours. Engine will rip the pavement - you'll see. Was yours with 31 spline axles or with bigger - can't remember... T The only picture I have with the hood mounted are those on the previous page in this thread. Have parked the Mustang for the season (-10 degrees Celsius and snow here now). So it is no space to take more photos for the moment. // Thomas Thomas, Wow, nice!!! Somehow I missed those photos of yours. Engine will rip the pavement - you'll see. Was yours with 31 spline axles or with bigger - can't remember...
  18. Thomas, any pictures with the hood installed? I'm not intrested in but the rest of the guys... :whistling:
  19. Welcome, You can sell any mopar and get new Ford stuff. Gotta love the tunnel-ram and stacks - ol school!! Those hi-rams are impressive intakemanifolds!
  20. Thomas, thats one good looking hood you've got there. Hmm, I've got a ram-air hood with Pro Boss 429 hood scoop, now woudn't it be period correct for your ride... We could swap hoods, I don't mind the wrong colours... :D Seriously taken, wow much workhours app. was needed to make the modification? Looks labor intesive! Nice job!
  21. Guys, here's little something that I've been up to. I wanted to convert my '72 Mach 1 with 460 cid Ford Racing engine to run with electric fuel injection. I wanted a 2x4 intake just to be different than the rest (also I've been impressed by the way my friends 429 works with hiram intake). I was looking for a Fast stand alone Ez-Efi system with two throttle bodies. The more I listened my efi friends and read about the efi I wanted a programmable enginemanagement system and I left the stand alone systems alone. Now I was after a multiport injection intake and there is only one available for Ford 429/460. That’s a super low single plane which did not suited to my plan. I hunted down an used Weiand Hi-Ram for 429/460 engine. Intake was also glass blasted and it really brought the ol’ dirty intake back to the life. I did some careful parts selection and ended up on the following parts to be able to convert the intake to Multi-port injection. Accel injection bungs and Edelbrock fuel rail kit for Ford 429/460. I bought two Speedmaster 1200 cfm billet throttlebodies – they are real nice pieces. Axles are tight and equipped with bearings – really nice for the money 200 bucks a piece. Fuel injectors are Siemens Deka 4 EV1:s, rated app. 60lbs/hr. I selected them to support app. 700 hp on ethanol. Fuel pump was think out of the box type of decicion with a Bosch 044 fuel pumps. One will support around 700 hp on gas and less on alcohol. ECU will use only one pump on normal cruising and when more fuel is needed the ECU will wake up the second pump. Bosch 044 pump can be bought practically everywhere from Finland and it is very tried pump on many sportcars. Actual work on the intakemanifold was performed by a Finnish custom fabrication shop. The owner of the shop has a ’32 Ford Coupe with no stinking chebby engine but a Ford 427 windsor with 8-stack injection and ’65 ht stroker 302 cid Mustang. Next job is to start removing the ol’ Victor Jr. and start installing the new parts. I will update the pages every now and then once I got the time to work with the car. Oh, look honey - I brought you a present!!! Sideprofile, it is only 1" taller to the aircleaner flange than the ol' victor jr" with 2" spacer and 850 cfm demon carb. This specific throttlebody is lower than the carb. Throttle bodies will feed up to 2400 cm so the carb linkage need to be done very progressive, otherwise will end up having really cranky engine! Deka 4 injectors spreads a fine mist to the intake runner, so the bungs can be placed close to the head. Bungs were glued with epoxy to the correct location - benefit is that the intake is not welded which heats up the intake and it won't stay straight. Now no need to machine the intake runner flanges. Edelbrock fuel rail kit included harware for mounting the rails. Some machining was needed to make room & threats & allen bolts to be able use the included hardware. These fuel pumps will feed up the beast, lets see how they work. Twin bracket was bought from e-bay, very nice stuff.
  22. Nice car and great story behind it. You have probably noticed that there's a Finnish Mustang club alive and kicking. It's a very active club, biggest car club in Finland and there's several big pony experts. If you still haven't joined the club then drag your butt overhere asap: www.mustangclub.fi they've got very active forum: www.mustangclub.fi/board
  23. Guys, try from here. I believe that we're eyeballing the same headers (not sure though). I made some research and the CAE Performance headers looks pretty much the same. They're made in Australia. They did suspected that these headers would not fit directly to the '71-'73 Mustang with 429/460 cid engine. CAE agreed about the great ground clearence and promised to fabricate block huggers but would need a specimen to pay them a visit... hint hint hint, Australian fellow 429/460 cid Mustangmates! Get your car to them and help the rest of the world bb Mustangfellas to get big primaries with good gc. ::thumb:: I dealed with Con Soldatos of CAE Performance. CAE Performance Products 7 Main Rd Castlemaine Vic PO Box 686 Castlemaine 3450 www.caenterprises.com.au Ph (03) 54721442 Fax (03) 54724111 www.caenterprises.com.au -------------- edit: the link: http://www.caenterprises.com.au/hs_dbase/ch_more.php?details=Li9jaF9oZWFkZXJzX2RldGFpbHMuY3N2fENILTUzfEZPUkQgNDI5LTQ2MCBCSUcgQkxPQ0sgMicnIFBSSU0ufCQ2NjB8aHR0cC0vL3d3dy5jYWVudGVycHJpc2VzLmNvbS5hdS9pbWFnZXMvaGVhZGVycy9jaDUzLmpwZw==
  24. Jari, We are only there a few hours but would like to meet you if possible. We will be in Helsinki on 9/3/15 and would probably have time to meet up in early afternoon if you are available. As we get closer to that that date we can see if it's possible. Unfortunately we are spending a majority of our pre cruise time in Copenhagen. I have seen a few YouTube videos of the muscle cars in Finland and I must say they are gorgeous. Hoping to meet you and see your car. -john John, please let me know when the schedule is clear about the meeting. I am not 100 % sure yet where I'll be at 3rd of September, but I'll take a shot and hoping to meet you. I read my e-mail much more regurarly than this forum, if you can, could you let me know your schedule by e-mail? jaripentinmaki [at] yahoo [dot] com thanks!
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