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  1. I have seen a few 72s with the same setup. Full Chrome front end. Ram Air hood and Q Code with 4 speed. I looked at one locally in 2001. It was Medium Yellow with Ginger interior. Guy swore it was a Mach1 because he bought it new and the Salesman said anything with hood scoops was a Mach 1. Marti gives no indication on hood or full chrome front end.
  2. Play nice you two. Not everyone has an original car whether a survivor or concourse resto. Obviously Auto likes what he has or sees. Dave you are obviously proud of your highly optioned hardly driven original car. But you both agree you like the 71-73 body style. Encouraging newer members is a good thing. If you want to point out flaws to someone do it in private message. Or just leave it alone. Make the hobby fun, too many guys have ruined the hobby and ran clubs into the ground. Found the common ground and respect each other.
  3. I wish I had written down the VINs of the three R Codes I have seen here besides the ones my Dad owns. One was featured in Mustang Monthly in 80s or 90s, I think with the muscle at auction boom it left the state. The second I came across for sale in 97 for $3500 and I had a baby on the way and wasn’t able to buy it. The third is nothing but a shell in a hollow behind a local ford guys house engine and trans are gone.
  4. Welcome from your neighbor to the east in West Virginia!
  5. Welcome from West Virginia.
  6. Welcome from West Virginia!
  7. All three the Boss, the R Code and the @ Code aren't getting fuel. Can pour fuel in carb and get it run until all fuel is gone from carb. Going to get some ethanol free and try running it from a can to test the pump. Any other suggestions?
  8. Welcome from another son of a Duponter. Your Dad and mine I think spent a lot of time talking Mustangs at the plant.
  9. There is a his and her package for sale in Ohio too. Mach 1 and Convertible they want $50k for the pair. Found them on Facebook Marketplace.
  10. See if this helps... That's from a 73 with an EGR Plate and the one tube is hooked to nothing on yours it was hooked to a tee and came off on my Brother's 72 R Code. I think we are going to order a set of stainless from NPD or CJ if Don at OMS doesn't have them.
  11. Did you end up pulling engines and the 4 spd parts?
  12. Does anyone have a photo of the Choke Tubes on the car? Pic with air cleaner removed so I can see the choke tubes. Also a picture of the choke tube that connects to the vacuum tee at the rear of the carb? Thanks Kenny
  13. Having the same issue on the 73, the 72 and the Boss. We were going to start with lines. The 73 has a see through filter and the gas was seen in it then the next day no fuel seen.
  14. mweeps

    Hi guys

    Welcome from West Virginia!
  15. That's a given Dad has two Boss 351s and the 72 R code Mach 1. We have had at least one 71-73 my whole life, I even came home from the hospital in a new 73 Sportsroof.
  16. My Brother is looking at getting to drive the mach 1 more. With all the trouble with the 4300D what carb and intake combo would you recommend to use? Looking at Performer Intake, Holley or Edlebrock carbs. Would you go with Electric Choke?
  17. Crap just saw this. My brother is looking for a manifold in Pittsburgh area.
  18. I found an R Code 72 at this guy's private little junkyard. It was the only 71-73 he had. My heart dropped and I went straight to the front lifted the hood and the engine was gone. I am pretty sure he still had the 3.91 rear. I never went back to talk to him, he wasn't home at the time but had given the ok for me to look around his place.
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