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  1. With all the carb talk going on I was wondering about mechanical vs secondary. Most everything out there including the Holley site itself says mechanical is only for big power light vehicles. Looking for some advice as I really like the thought of my foot controlling the gas instead of vacuum. I currently have a 2 barrel Holley on a torker 351 intake ( that's how it came) but am headed to grab a 650 with mech secondaries. It's only a $100 so I figure if it doesn't work out should b able to get my money back.
  2. Changing the steering box in my 71 Mach1 today and saw this when i looked up...is that not a column shift piece?
  3. It is worth 150 as a core towards my new one so will take that plus shipping from Calgary T1X 0J8
  4. Thanks guys, looking forward to it.
  5. Not even sure how I stumbled across this site but am definitely glad to be here. My 71 Mach1 has sat idle since i bought it 5 years ago and I'm finally getting around to making it road worthy. Hopefully can share some of my battles and get some advice on getting things moving forward. Thanks to all who share on this site and looking forward to making some new car friends.
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