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  1. Geez, Guys..... That Picture Brought A Tear To My Eye!! How Come Nobody Ever Visits Forestville, N.Y.??? This Is Wine Country!!
  2. Hi And Welcome From Buffalo, NY. Your Car Is Music To My Ears, Sounds Fantastic!!
  3. Awww, Man, That Sucks. I Just Sold Randy From Midlife All My Harness' That I Had, I Would Talk To Him About Your Dirty Ol Rat Problem.......Damn Rats
  4. I Kinda Like It,,,, Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That........
  5. I Cant Wait To See These On My Car,, They Look FANTASTIC!
  6. HI, my LAST surgery Was The Stim, That Didnt Work Very Good For Me, But Ive Talked To Alot Of Successful Stim Patients. I Am Wishing Your Wife Good Luck In Her Upcoming Procedure. I DO Hope This Helps Her, Back Pain Is A Horrible Way To Go Through Life. Thank You Very Much Doc!!!
  7. Hi Mark, Well to Start ,,,, I Have Three Herniated Discs In My Lower Back, Were One Is Broke And Cocked at an angle And Putting The Squeeze On My Spinal Cord. I Have Two Herniated Discs In My Neck I Have Spinal Stenosis I Have Osteoporosis (That Female Bone Disease) Also Degeneratve Disc Disease I Have Also Had THREE other Surgeons Opinions, and They Are Saying The Same Thing....They Really Dont "THINK" That Having Surgery Will Help In Fixing, Or Relieveing The Pain I Am Having This Has Been Going On For Almost Five Years. Wow Mark, I Just Cant Imagine Dealing With thirty Years Of This Pain,,, You, My Freind Have A High Tolerence For Pain!!
  8. Hi Fellow Mustangers, I Am Looking For An Original Shifter Ball For A Hurst Four Speed Shifter. I Have The T-Handle On It Right Now, But Would Much Rather Have The Ball ( Prefer White, But I Will Take The Black One). Im Not Sure Of The Thread Size, But I Would Have To Think That They Are All The Same Size For Our Cars. Thanks.....Dave
  9. Hi, And Welcome From Forestville, NY. The Only German I Know Is "Weinersnitzel", But By Golly, I Know It!!!!
  10. How Come No One Comes To Visit Forestville, N.Y.??
  11. Hi Guys And Gals, I Am Going To Have Surgery On Oct. 18, To Have A Pain Pump Implanted Beneath My Skin And A Tube To Directly Administer Morphine Into My Spinal Cord. I Am VERY NERVOUS About Having This Done! So, I Was Just Wondering If Anyone On This Forum Has Had This, Or Know Anyone That Had This Type Of Surgery, And If it Has Helped With The Intense Pain That My Doctors Have Said That Surgery Wont Fix The Problem In My Back. I Am VerY Nervous ( 'Scared' To Use The Right Words,,,,lol) Of Any Surgeon Messing Around My Spinal Cord! Thanks For Any Input On This Subject! One Scared Mustang Guy,,,,Dave
  12. Ya, Well, I Live In Buffalo, NY. We Have A Foot Of Snow On The Ground Already!! It Usually Starts Snowing at The End Of August, But I Guess We Lucked Out This Year!!!
  13. Im Pretty Sure That I Have Everything That You Need. I Will Look In The Morning, Ang Get Back To You,,,,,Dave
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