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  1. Nice to see another Miamian here! ::thumb:: -Kurt
  2. Pretty much adds up then. Decided to pass on those springs, even though I think "250lb" was more of a convenient number that the seller pulled out of his butt than anything else... -Kurt
  3. Doubt it. "They are the 4 leaf stock height 250lb more weight capacity helps with squating under hard accel." He knows what it means. Still, sounds like a hell of an upsell. -Kurt
  4. I know Q will probably beat me over the head for this, but before I go ahead and frame table my '71 Mach to verify whether I've got a tweaked framerail or not (long story - check the build thread for details), I figured I might as well swap the rear leafs - just to make sure the slight squatting I have on one side isn't by chance a sagging spring. At any rate, I've found a rather good deal on a pair of what are claimed to be new, 4-leaf, factory-ride height springs, which is what I want - except that the seller also claims they have a 250lb spring rate. That sounds a bit exaggerated
  5. The entire frame is taller by about a quarter of an inch for it too. Probably a different supplier. I've seen at least two other variants too - one from the '50s, and the other a transition to the two here (or a transition between, don't really know). Been missing the Mustang scene myself, but I've had Soylent on hold ever since I started giving serious thought to Q's assessment that the rear framerails might very well be tweaked. I won't touch it until I've dragged it to the local shop's frametable for an assessment. Perhaps it is just one leaf spring sagging more than the other, bu
  6. It only took a year (one year and four days, to be exact!), but I wound up getting my hands on one more LA City Ford frame (the one on the left) - and this one is bang-on screen correct :D Now if I could only finish a Ford around here in my sea of Mopar crap. -Kurt
  7. Wow - that goes back a long time. Pretty sure I don't - but check with forum member BigBlue. He might have one. -Kurt
  8. It was a busy day today! Drove about 40 miles north to pick up some '80s B-van rims from a gentleman who had them on his '70 Challenger. Threw them on, and immediately went to tackle the Belvederization of the interior - covered in better detail here: http://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/68-satellite-4-door-light-refurb-and-big-fat-engine-swap.96118/page-10 Yes, it's Duplicolor vinyl paint on the pads. Camo tan on the dash too, and neither matches. Deal with it, purists, it's what Craptastic Auto Parts had in stock! There are enough factory jobs of this era that it do
  9. I figure I can get away with a delete plate for the moment; there is a dent on my right front fender which renders modification a moot point, and I'm rather partial to keeping it the way it is right now. In short, the Fox delete plate would give me some easy flexibility. Might be able to have it plastic-chromed too, if the finish can stand the outdoors. -Kurt I know this is an ancient thread, but did you ever found an antenna delete plate that fit? I may end up going to hardware store to find a screw that fits there for the moment. Sorry to say I haven't, Tony. B
  10. I really can't believe I shared these photos on the Mopar forums and forgot to do so here. Looks like I have something to chase the Mustang with now ;) But those photos were taken ages ago - and ages have gone by as the Satellite is barely the same - suspension and brake-wise - as it was when these photos were taken a few months ago: 11" Budd brakes in the rear replaced the original 10" drums: And the front disc brake conversion began. This may have been the single most "one step forward, three steps back" job I have EVER done on any car. Some genius en
  11. Guess what I did today? The 2.76:1's got ousted for 3.23:1's. Unfortunately, I screwed up setting the axle endplay a tad too tight, so I've got to go back in there and re-adjust it again tomorrow...and I'll probably be aching all over worse than I am now. At any rate, a quick spin around the block is much improved :) -Kurt
  12. Just sitting around here with the back end still not taken care of, nor the left quarter panel damage fixed to my liking - mainly the crease in the lower bodyside. The metal has been badly worked over so much that I'm really considering replacing the lower rear quarter, but I refuse to use the Spectra patch - and I'm not really in the mood to spend $300 for a full panel. Also, I've been re-thinking that framerail, and I now have my doubts about it. Everything seems to suggest that the rail might have been knocked forward about 1/4" and up about a half inch. I'm not touching a thing i
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