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  1. If it started w/ a backfire, I would suspect a partially sheared distributor drive gear pin.
  2. Painting a car, interior or exterior is like painting a house. 95% prep, 5% painting.
  3. Can someone please decipher this for me ? HBA CG 12 W 15 70 Thanks.
  4. This carb has just been restored by Vintage Muscle Parts, a renown vintage Holley restorer. It has been fuel tested and calibrated. It has not been installed or used since shipment to me. Date code: 1971. For sale. $1,200.
  5. I have a question regarding the thick black wire w/ silver hash marks going to the 20 amp circuit breaker. I believe mine is severed just outside of the firewall and there is no black/silver wire at the breaker. Does anyone know what this wire is for?
  6. I have these with about 100 miles since rebuild from Koni. Bob.510-823-3497
  7. I can tell you that it will and DOES fit as I installed one in my boss 351.
  8. Hi,looks nice! Do you have a pic installed on the header?
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