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  1. Hi there Sir, Yes, i did take a few good photos way back when the job was finished, but they are now on an old hard drive, and would be rather hard to find. The next best thing i can offer is a walk around video i shot back in 2017 of my Mustang (Goldie). It gives a look at the quarter panels on both sides in fairly good detail. You can of course, pause the vid to get a still image of the panels. The vid runs for about 5 minutes, but you can skip to the qtr panels part, by dialing in the 3.30 minute mark, and view from there onwards. Sorry, best i can do at short notice. https://www
  2. Hi Jim, Yes, this topic has been dealt with at length a long time ago. As other Forum members have said, if a Quarter panel has been age and sun damaged, then refinishing is an option to get you out of trouble, and can bring decent results. However, this depends on how much damage/rot has occurred to the surface. This damage or rot can be from mild to wild. Light/ medium/ heavy. Age/ sun rot happened to me with my '73 white interior Convertible. In my case, it was what i would call, medium damage. As we know, when the surface is damaged, you get this chalky, brittle and crumblin
  3. Hi there again, Understand what you have said here, but you did not mention if the car is going to be baked when it comes off the gun and flashes off. There is obviously a big difference in much faster drying times and curing times if the car gets baked after spraying, compared to just letting the finish air dry of the gun. Forced infa red drying method is faster again than the normal baking method. You won't have any trouble if you let it cure out for a month as you say you will end up doing, baked or unbaked. Hope it all goes well for you, Greg. :)
  4. Hi to all, Just wanted to pass on some good useful info on caring for your chrome, and thus, extending the life of the finish. As some of the Forum members might know, i have spent the last 43 years as a pro Auto Spray Painter, and over that time have run into a lot of products and methods for helping to protect any chrome finish, and help extend the life of the finish before it starts to break down and fail. I will say from the start, that i have never been in the chroming business, and therefore, don't have the advanced technical knowledge of all the ins and outs of chroming.
  5. Hi jowens, A good question you ask, but what would be the reason you would think that there may be issues with paint curing or drying times, in relation to applying decals? Would you be concerned about any adhesion issues with the decals, or would you be concerned about the decals damaging the freshly painted surface for example? The short answers are firstly, in relation to potential adhesion issues, any new or fresh paint film needs to be DRY, but not strictly cured to achieve a good surface for the decal to bond strongly to. Secondly, with regards to decals damaging freshly paint
  6. Looking great. Glad it all went well for you Sir.
  7. Hi To All, Thought i would jump in on this one. When you look at the seats set up for the 1,2,3 Mustangs back in those days, it was very crude and basic. For example, the seat travel forward and backwards did not really cater for tall guys, and as far as going all the way back, still did not provide enough leg room. The seat upright did not have any adjustment to it, which would have made a big difference to overall comfort. Tilt steering helped to some degree, but was not the full answer. Also, the seats did not offer any height or tilt adjustments to them. This would have helped as well
  8. Hi to all, When panels are presented to a painter on a vertical or flipped over plane, they still have the ability of attracting dirt particles as such, but the prospect of contamination is somewhat reduced. No matter how the panel is presented, the painting environment plays the biggest part in dirt contam issues. Also, i was going to mention the semi gloss/ low sheen clear option, and since it's been raised, i'll talk about it now. Some painters like to choose this option to paint over a black base coat. Again, you can choose between a 2 Pack or a Lacquer paint for the clear. In m
  9. Hi Joe, Being a professional auto spray painter, i can offer a wealth of advice on this topic. As i recall, i am sure i have posted in the past a good amount of tips and feedback on this topic, and the guys who have just posted back to you have covered a lot of good points and help. Just two things spring to mind from me worth mentioning. First, satin or low gloss black would be the best way to go. Gloss black was never the original finish, but a lot of guys choose it because they personally like the look of it. That's a personal choice thing of course. Gloss finish also is easier to
  10. Hi Tony, Hope they work OK for you. Don't forget to try and do a test drill out for both ends of the bellows in panel steel first to check on the holding power of the bellows to the steel panels. When i drilled out my car following my given hole diameter measurements, i found one hole tended to let the bellow ease it's way out from opening the door several times.This would have been caused by one of the bellow ends being a slightly different size due to ageing and shrinking issues maybe. To rectify and get around this problem, i had to end up using a urathane adhesive like Sikaflex to ha
  11. Hi there Sir, Thanks for your kind feedback, and glad you like the old girl! Yes, i do like to keep her clean, and i never wash the car with a garden hose or bucket would you believe. Many thanks, Greg. :)
  12. Hi from Boise Idaho, What size tires do you have on Goldie? Thx Hi there, I am running 10x15 rims on the back and 8x 15 rims on the front. I am running 295/50 tires on the back, and 245/60 tires on the front. No issues. Thanks, Greg. :)
  13. Very sad news indeed. Please accept my condolences. Greg.
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