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  1. Thanks for that Shane - you have been logged in on the names list. Greg. :)
  2. Hi, and welcome from Brisbane, Australia! I too can offer some good help and advice if you want. Shoot me a personal message if you want to follow through. Greg. :)
  3. Thanks people for being on the list! ::thumb:: Greg. :)
  4. My response, There are a lot of cheap, dodgy things that come from China. I recently have been a victim of USA parts that were part made in China regards my engine rebuild. The sad thing is that China wants to end up ruling the world - Countries like America/ Australia/ Canada / England etc, are, and will be, the victims as we are giving our countries away to them. Greg. :@
  5. Yes, Merry Christmas to one and all, and all the best for the New Year from Austin!! ::thumb::
  6. Hi Kevken, Lovely car there sir! Would you believe that if i was to buy your car and put it on the road out here in Australia, it cost me close to $57,000.00 Australian. :shootself: :shootself: Never the less, i wish you all the best for a hassle free sale. Greg. :)
  7. Hey! Thanks guys - appreciate your kind feed back, and i'm glad you like what i ended up with. From a cosmetic point of view, engine dress ups and make overs can be an endless variety of styles, colors and options. In my case, i wanted to end up with a happy marriage of original stock and custom without being too showy or over dressed. I guess in the end, it's how much money you want to throw at the project to achieve an end result. :whistling: Cheers, Greg. :)
  8. Hi to all, Here are some very recent photos of my 302 rebuild and engine bay make over. Did the 347 strocker thing, and kept/used the original '73 matching numbers block. Now putting out just over the 400hp and 420 ft lb torque mark. Sweet! Spending budget on this project came in at around $14,000.00 Au or $10,700.00 US. Click on any image to get the expanded view ................. Cheers, Greg. :)
  9. Hi There, The best looking finish and paint to use would be satin black. A 2Pak satin black enamel is the most durable paint to use. That's what i used on my front bumper bar resto. You can buy 2 pak satin paint pre mixed to satin finish from a good auto paint store. Mat black is acceptable, but satin black looks the best and most classy in my opinion. Glossy black looks cheap and rinky dinky, again in my opinion, but it's what rocks your boat that matters i guess. If 2 Pak is too hard to spray with your home setup, then move into a satin black acrylic lacquer paint. Not as durable but will work fairly well also. Spraying with a rattle can will get you out of trouble, but a better finish is gotten by shooting from a spray gun, and mixing up your own lacquer with quality thinners. You might want to use a primer first though, to achieve a top looking final finish. Remember, lacquer primer for lacquer top coats, and 2 pak primer for 2 pak topcoats, with the exception being that you can spray lacquer top coats over 2 pak primers if you want. No need to use flex aids either, as the paint alone will withstand the amount of flex back there. Here is a link to an article i did on restoring my own '73 front bumper bar back in 2014. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-austin-vert-s-front-bumper-makeover Hope that helps, Greg. :)
  10. Hey Randy!! We speak the same English language, but live on different planets in many ways. :P EG: Is a bonnet a lady wears as a hat or is it a car hood??????????????? Is it a hood that goes over a front porch, or is it a jeuvanile delinquent?? :D Greg. :)
  11. After doing a detailed spreadsheet on buying in the US (all the suppliers on this site - delivery is the killer) Vs buying off all Oz suppliers, I've got to give the gong to Harry's Classic in Sydney - https://www.harrysclassicsmustangparts.com.au/index.php - I was ordering sheet metal and he not only was the most competitive but he has the Dynacorn range for many parts. They arrived on Friday - the whole deal was smooth as could be and I was able to speak to Harry directly to clarify a couple of points. And to be clear, not only is he not sponsoring this post, he does not know I'm writing it. :cool: Hi George, Glad to see that you are getting some good results with Harry. I have had little to do with him, but on brief investigation, have found that he does not carry a variety of parts for 1,2,3 Mustangs. Correct me if i am wrong. In my case, i have had to import most of my hard to get parts from good old USA, AND IN THAT SENSE, HAVE GOT WELL AND TRULY WHACKED with heavy shipping costs as such. Good luck with your quest! Greg. :)
  12. Hi to all, Gee, i don't know how i missed this topic. Must be old age or something. :P In any case allow me to present 'GOLDIE' in her current form. I thought a video would hit the spot here. BTW - Some really nice Forum member's Verts in this section - great eye candy for sure. Many thanks, Greg. :)
  13. Hey Don, Very cool! NOW THAT'S A TRUE BELIEVER!!! ::thumb:: Greg. :)
  14. Hi George, OK - I'll start the show by putting my name forward to you. I know we have several Aussie and New Zealand Forum members on board with the Forum, and i would encourage you guys to put your names down here as well if you could. Many thanks, Greg. :)
  15. Thanks Greg - Brisbane in Queensland. Jindalee to be precise - where are you? I'm at Coorparoo. Well, well, well, it's a small world indeed. We should make contact at some stage and say hello. Send me a PM if that interests you Sir. Cheers, Greg. :)
  16. Hi George, and welcome from Brisbane , Australia. You can learn a great deal by being part of this Forum. It has a lot to offer. BTW - what part of the country do you inhabit, if you don't mind me asking? Greg. :)
  17. Hi there, Interesting subject you raise here. Your desire to hold on an old patina as such reminds me of how fashionable it has become for a lot of electric guitar owners around the world who own old beat up, well used and abused guitars. The more dirty and beat up they look, the more appeal they are supposed to have. I myself am still coming to terms with that concept. In any case, your desire to hang onto the old dirty,rusty, beat up look with your air cleaner, can be achieved. The one thing you must keep in mind is, a soon as you start working on it from where it is exactly now, you will change the look to a more improved one. For example, you could start by using a carnuba wax paste on the blue body. By doing that, you will start to clean up the blue color to some extent and give the old paint a kind of fresh, warm low gloss as well. Now that might be a look you don't want, as you will be enhancing the look of the old blue paint to some extent. So my advice is, if you really like the air cleaner the way is now in the photo, an old trick is to just wash it down with cold water only , let the whole thing dry off super well, and then buy a rattle can of mat clear lacquer, and apply 2 or 3 light even coats over the whole thing, letting each coat dry off properly. This will protect, seal off and keep the part looking the way it is now, filth, rust, crud and all. It's like a frozen moment in time when you carry out this process. TIP: Don't apply the clear with too many wet coats, as the old paint may play up on you, and cause problems. Hope that helps, Greg. :)
  18. Good one Don!!!! :P :P :P Greg. :)
  19. I am very sorry and sad to hear of Pat's passing. It did come as a shock to me when the news was announced on the Forum yesterday. My love and thoughts go out to his family, friends, and all those folks that new him in life, at this very difficult time. Personally, i enjoyed, and got a lot out of Pat,s participation on this Forum, as i'm sure many members did as well. I will truly miss him not being around anymore. My sincere sympathies, Greg.
  20. Hi spikhead, Rich's reply is correct. Going back to the old color charts, you can identify the color and the color code 5m. The trouble will be going to your local auto paint shop outlet, and getting them to provide you with a matching or corresponding paint formula to go with that old paint code, so they can mix up that particular color. You may get lucky, but i doubt it. These old colors usually have to be made up and matched by color eye matching or spectros, because the original old paint formulas were thrown out by the paint companies many years ago. You say that you're not too concerned about dead on accuracy with your end result color, so eye matching or spectro would be your best and easiest working option here to deliver a color to your liking i would think. Cheers, Greg. :)
  21. Thanks Mike, You make some good points there, and i agree about the 1,2,3 Verts being misrepresented by many, when presented in the bright yellow colour and the white interior. As you say yourself, the positive, enthusiastic feedback and responses we get with these cars, obviously speaks volumes on the great looks and styling they have in their own rights. You can't ignore or look through that, i'm sure. Cheers mate, Greg. :)
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