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  1. Congratulations Mike, Great to see you getting some solid publicity and recognition on the Vert. I'm sure you must be feeling a very proud and happy man. Well done Sir! ::thumb:: I must be honest, and admit i was inspired by the Nash Bridges TV series when it came out back in the Nineties. I was very taken by Nash's yellow and white Cuda myself. I thought, yeah, i'd like to own one of those, but when i discovered the asking prices and how rare they were, i quickly put the idea out of my mind. Even thinking of trying to buy a yellow and white '70/'71 Dodge Challenger Convertible as a kind of poor man's Nash substitute car,has turned out to be a kind of dream as well, as it would cost me around $85,000.00 Australian to buy and ship one out to Australia, and put it on the road here. So yeah, our 1,2, 3 Mustang Verts hit the spot pretty well as a darn good concept car to be seen in and enjoy driving around in as well. I get an incredible amount of positive street feedback from folks whenever i'm out and about on the roads where i live. I remember you were saying a while ago, you were going through a bad patch with the car, and feeling low about the whole thing. I guess it's things like the magazine article that help puts things back to a more positive feeling about your Mustang. I think it would be fair to say that most classic car owners go through their share of lows and highs while they own their cars. Greg. :)
  2. Hi There, I went with the Custom Autosound system, and was very happy with it all 'round. Maybe what you are not chasing, but worth a look in anyway i think. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-austin-vert-reviews-custom-autosound-s-slidebar-radio Cheers, Greg. :)
  3. Hi Indy, WOW! Another fantastic man cave! Thanks also for sharing. What a great setup you have. Truck loads of space, clean neat, and well organized as well. Fantastic collection of memorabilia you have too. You must be very proud and happy with the whole thing. ::thumb:: Cheers, Greg. :)
  4. Hi Bill, Thanks for sharing - great feedback there. What's the old golden rule? - if it's rare and collectable, you can bet the asking price won't be a low figure. Greg. :)
  5. Hey Spike, Thanks very much for sharing your set up! ::thumb:: And Wow, what a set up!! That's an incredible amount of collectible history and memories you have there . A real treasure trove!! I can see your involvement with the boats and the sport have been such a big thing in your life. Just fantastic!!! Wouldn't it be great to stable the Mustang as well i guess. But hey! Thanks again for the look in. Greg. :)
  6. You can never get enough Man Cave Barry!! :P Can't wait to see your new set up! Greg. :)
  7. Very cool Mike! A musical mane cave indeed - and what a cave!! ::thumb:: I hope this means that the Mustang doesn't get kept outside in the weather. :P :P Cars and guitars kinda reminds me of an ól Gene Vincent song - Greg. :)
  8. Carolina_Mountain_MustangsI do not have recent photos. Since photos I have put in some of my vintage audio and video equipment. Pioneer Laser disc for audio and video, 5 disc changer and lots of the big old speakers to make the garage shake. I saw that one of the member is also an Africa hunter. I have been 14 trips and work as a professional hunter when I go. Will move my mounts to garage soon. Soo much to do and so little time. So much to do and so little time. BTW 4,000 sq. ft. was too small. David, Hi, and what a knock out!! Hope you are OK. I've been following your shed/man cave project from the beginning,and the wow factor kicks in big time with your dreams and schemes, and what you have come to achieve. In your case, the cave is your life's work and realization in many ways from everything you've told us. Congratulations David on all the hard work, planning and effort you've put into the project. I hope you end up getting an immense amount of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction out of the whole thing. ::thumb:: ::thumb:: Let us know on how your improvements and upgrades turn out as you go along. Greg. :)
  9. That's a very decent setup you have there Jason, and a lot of good gear to deck it out as well. Thanks for ::thumb:: sharing. Greg. :)
  10. Hi to all, Had to share this new one that just came across my bows. To be honest, i never dreamed i would ever see these kind of selling prices in my life time. :-/ But there you go! Incredible. :whistling: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/05/23/single-family-owned-1967-corvette-with-8533-miles-sells-for-675000-in-indianapolis/?refer=news Greg. :)
  11. All very true Sir, very true. It's the same thing here in Australia basically. Greg. :)
  12. Thanks for your speedy reply Angelo, OK, i understand what you are saying here. As you say, if the red line sections light up with the center lenses, i think that look would be a very good look - just fantastic! With the LED seq panel lights, you get the center lens optioned up to show either a red light (stop, turn or park) or just the white light for your back up light. In that case, two red lenses for inner/ outer sections would be the go, but the center lens would have to end up looking similar to the original factory center lens - that being a combo of red perimeter, with center clear design. I think i've got that right. :chin: Lastly, in regards selling your tail lights on to folk - i don't think anyone would be interested in buying them for off road use only. If it's a case of buyer responsibility, then any one who bought them off you and installed them for road use around the world, would be at the mercy of their local government rules and regs, (they do vary greatly) and be potentially open to be fined or proscected for an illegal mod to their cars. That's their lookout i guess. :chin: So looking forward to the straight fit tail lights as matters progress. Cheers, Greg. :)
  13. Hi Angelo, I have not caught up with you in a while, but have been following your thread with interest. First up, congratulations to yourself and Marco, with all your hard work on your project so far. The whole thing is coming along fantastically, and you should be very proud of yourselves indeed. My talking to you today, revolves around an interest in your tail light invention. I have just read your last post, and was very impressed with what you have come up with on the straight fit into stock 1,2,3 Mustangs. I myself could be a potential buyer from you at some stage, depending on the finished product and the cost of it. I did have a couple of basic questions for you though. Was it your intention at any stage, to design the three separate surrounding red line sections, so that they themselves could be lit up as well as the center sections? Also, in your design, could a buyer make use, and install the new sequencIal LED lights that C J Pony sell, if they wanted to go that way? Let me know what you think Angelo when you get a chance. Many thanks, Greg. :)
  14. Thanks for that info and feedback Mel, Hope the lights turn out well for you when you get them set up and finished. Cheers, Greg. :)
  15. Hi, and welcome from Brisbane, Australia. Greg. :)
  16. Hi Mel, Thanks for your feedback, and sharing. A few questions if i may. I went to the official website to do some background investigations, but found the info on '71-'73's limited. I saw the installation PDF, which was well written and detailed. http://www.northwestmustang.com/products71-73.html They appear not to have any videos or pricings of the products for the public to see. So, did you buy a sequential or a non sequential version of the lights? Also, what flashing patterns are offered up for the turn signal operations? Is there any demo video to see their lights in operation? In your case, you got into an amber turn signal setup - could you be more descriptive about that please? Any photos or videos of your setup would be great to see, and help explain what your finished product looks like. How did you achieve the clear lens look? If it's not too rude a question, could you tell us what sort of money you paid for your system please? Hope to hear from you soon, Many thanks, Greg. :)
  17. Hi Vinnie, Thanks ever so much for presenting your '73 Grande walk around and sharing with us. Your car looks very sharp with the white/ black combination. I think the black roof sets the car off nicely, compliments it, and gives it a great sporty look as well. ::thumb:: Beautiful countryside too where you are. I am sure you would get plenty of looks and good feedback whenever you are out and about driving around. Your Man Cave walk around had a certain appeal as well, :P given the fact that you don't have a lot of room to spare. I was a little worried that if you stayed any longer in there filming, you might have ended up accidentally gassing yourself. :D Thanks for sharing again Vinnie, and showing off your great '73 Grande. :thankyouyellow: Greg. :)
  18. Welcome from Brisbane, Australia. :) Greg. :)
  19. Hey Mike, Good, clean cave there Sir! I would think that it would be no big deal for you to move a car out when you needed to work on the other one in the shed, when it suited you. Thanks for sharing, Greg. :)
  20. Pretty darn good setup there Tony. You're well organized and have the where with all to get some good work done on the Mustang as well. Great to have the scissor lift at your disposal too. ::thumb:: Greg. :)
  21. Welcome from Brisbane, Australia. Greg. :)
  22. Welcome from Brisbane, Australia. :) Greg. :)
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