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  1. Wow Bob, to think something so seemingly insignificant could cause such a huge effect. And here I am thinking that mayyybe I can get away with leaving the torque converter misaligned in the meantime lol
  2. Excellent suggestions from everyone. At this point my priority will be checking the flexplate/converter area as well as the starter. Odds are it’s in that area, as the rest of the engine hasn’t really been fiddled with much. May even get one of those stethoscopes at harbor freight to help me out. I’ll report my findings soon, hopefully this can eventually be of use to someone else. Thanks for all the help, guys!
  3. Oh right, I did forget to mention the oil pressure. I don't have an oil pressure gauge, so I removed one of the valve covers. Plenty of oil coming out. And yes midlife, no belt up front. Only thing spinning was the crank.
  4. Alright y’all... I’m usually not too bad at diagnosing the car, but this one has me completely and utterly stumped. First let me go through everything I’ve done, as some context might help. This January, I pulled out the engine and changed the rear main seal, oil pan gasket, all the freeze plugs, and scrubbed the engine a bit to get some old gunk off. Then I changed the busted motor mounts and put the engine back in. I haven’t had much time, so it took me till last week to finally hook up all the wiring again and fire it up. The starter pretty much came apart when I tried to start the car; bunch of pieces of metal on the floor and it would just spin and not engage (crappy Duralast starter). I knew that was it. So I bought a gear reduction starter from Tuff Stuff and installed it today. Engine spun over beautifully. Added gas and she lit right up (timing is still off, but haven’t gotten that far). But along with a running engine, I got this loud chirping noise. And I mean LOUD. First thought was “belt” so I removed the drive belt (spins the water pump and alternator). That did nothing. Now I’m thinking the crank pulley is spinning and hitting a transmission line, but that’s not it either. Ok, what else could It be? The new starter? But it engages and disengages fine, doesn’t seem to keep starting after the initial fire-up or get stuck. At this point I’m starting to think I mounted the transmission incorrectly. I removed the inspection plate from the transmission and spun it... all the bolts are fine and nothing is scraped or looks off. I then realized I didn’t align the converter drain plug with the hole on the flexplate. Huge no-no, I guess I missed it while putting the whole thing together (the struggle of doing it by myself with a failing engine hoist definitely made me miss that little detail). So at this point, I started turning the engine over with my breaker bar and listened for scraping, but it spun freely. I didn’t hear any scraping, at least nothing discernible. Still, maybe it could be that? Here are a couple of videos where you can clearly hear that nasty chirping. Any guesses what it could be? Any help is greatly appreciated. It’s been one thing after another, and right when I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, this happens. Thanks, everyone!
  5. I may be in the minority here, but I'm really diggin' that grille.
  6. I think the best way to tell if they're original is the yellowing on the pages. Based on how white the pages are, looks to be a reproduction. I have a well-preserved original and even on mine the pages are yellowed. And it has that distinct old book smell, too. Smell your manuals, y'all.
  7. Curious about this as well. The reverse light in the center makes the taillight look ugly IMO. I tried that red repair tape once and it looked horrible. Plus it's tape. All-red taillights would be on my parts shopping list for sure, even if it meant no white reverse lights (who needs those anyway amiright?).
  8. Back in the early 2000s when I first bought my coupe, I dumped the original standard wheel (in good shape, mind you) to put one of those stupid Grant wheels. Oh what a dumb kid I was. I regret that every time I see a picture of a standard wheel which IMO are so simple they're pretty.
  9. Lol and just like that we claimed the name in all of North America.
  10. Say... I heard there's another Big Blue in town. I'm having my lawyer send a cease & desist letter. Just f*ckin around; love the ride, good canvas to start with. Can't wait to see the progress on it!
  11. Hi Jaime! Welcome to the forum man, hope you get some quality entertainment here. Thanks for joining ::thumb::
  12. I may be in the minority, but I bought a coupe over a sportsroof purely by aesthetic preference. Not because of price or because it was what I had access to. In fact, I had a choice at the time between a very basic v8 coupe and a red Mach1 (both '71s), and I just loved the coupe's body lines more and went for that. As Mustangfeverrr stated, the visual effect of the long hood with the short rear looks awesome IMO, and the buttresses at the rear window look slick. Of course, visibility is a huge plus, but the lines on the coupes just do it for me. Also, I've always loved Mustang coupes of any year. I guess I like their subtlety and demeanor.
  13. Hi Pheonix, welcome from Miami! What a feeling to finally have the car you've been keeping an eye on all that time. Same thing happened to me with my coupe many years ago. Even had a mach1 available for the same price, and I was so set on the damn coupe I just went for it the moment the opportunity arose. Happy for you man, hopefully it'll be a fun project and it comes together quickly. Keep us posted! The bright minds in here will provide the technical (and moral) support you need to get through it ::thumb::
  14. Hi Bling, Welcome to the forum! You should post up pics of your car. I'm on the same boat as you as far as wanting the old grand am/nascar/road racer look. I also debated sizes for the wheels and ended up with 15s to keep true to the era. You can see it here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-finally-back-on-the-road--23319 I eventually intend to drop it a hair, but I think the d-windows look right for the car. I also love the way Mike's yellow vert looks with the steelies. His stance is absolutely perfect. I think 17s in the rear and 16s up front would look killer, given the car sits correctly (a drop might be in order). Be sure to keep us posted if you do the wheel swap, should make for a pretty sinister look. Good luck!
  15. Back when I bought my coupe in 2003, I was torn between it and a red Mach 1, both for sale in my area. Chose the coupe. I always liked them for some reason, and it wasn't just because of the better visibility. I love the buttresses and the smaller feel of the cabin. Then again, I've always preferred coupes over fastbacks in any generation of Mustang. I guess I'm just weird ::shrug:: Either way, someone's gotta buy the ugly ducklings, amiright?
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