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  1. That's the whole reason why I don't post much here anymore. Other members laughing about another owner of a 71-73 car. Embarrassing.
  2. I tried rebuilding the valve and it still leaked past the switch. I bought a new repop and have had no problems other than the bracket that attaches to the valve wasn't installed.
  3. The faster it sells the faster Amazon raises the price. Up to 23.99 now but its a best seller. It will probably be $45 tomorrow!
  4. David, Something to think about. That Marti shows an order date in February but the car wasn't built for over 8 months. There had to be a reason for the delay. An example to compare is this. In 1984 I ordered a corvette with the 4+3 transmission. It was a 4 speed manual with a 2 speed auto behind it. They were having problems with the auto transmission side during the production run and my order was put on hold. As I wouldn't change my order to the 700R4 trans I ended up waiting 4 extra months over the 700R4 cars. Maybe the odd Q code ram air is the reason for the 8 month wait.
  5. I put a donut spare in my Mustang. When I got a flat I put the spare on. 5 miles later the spare disintegrated, left me in a bad part of town, and I had to get a tow home. A flat donut spare you cannot get the jack under the car to lift it up. Lesson is those donut spares from the wrecking yard are too old already. Get a new one from a dealer or just call a tow truck.
  6. I drove my car 15k miles in one year. Wind noise won't be a problem as you will be parked in front of a gas pump most of the time.
  7. https://www.iaai.com/Vehicle?itemID=29329907&rowNumber=7&loadRecent=True
  8. Need oil pressure gauge only. Mine has some of the lettering worn off.
  9. I had also used searchtempest and found a tube attached to a pump for sale on Craigslist in Detroit. I'll be ordering parts from Don as soon as the car can be moved from the side yard. Thanks everyone!
  10. I really don't want to make one. That is a sharp bend out of the pump and easy to kink. On top of having to get the tool, tube, and fittings while working the graveyard shift. Sometimes it is just more efficient to get a good original and for me this is one of those times. Just sucks because its holding me up from driving the car and I need to get it moved.
  11. Its the 6" bent line that goes from the back of the pump to the high pressure hose. Somehow I lost mine.
  12. jbojo is right. Set the idle with the solenoid. Make sure it is energized when doing so. Once the ignition is shut off the solenoid dis-engages and fully closes the carb to keep the engine from dieseling. I've added the feature to any carb I use. Just works well.
  13. I had two thermostats. Manu and Tim will get those shipped to them. They were first, in Europe, and I'm going to Weimar Germany in December for a wedding. So I'll PM Tim soon. I don't even have a spare thermostat now. Others have PM'd me but their messaging is turned off so I can't respond.
  14. My new business takes cash so I'm selling extra things I have. Won't help much but anything is better than nothing. NOS seat belt lights $55 shipped. I also have NOS paper tubes that go from the evap cannister to the air cleaner. Have one or two 351C correct thermostats as well. Not sure on price on those. I'll list other things as time permits.
  15. I have a Benz. Its really not that quiet. But it will go 240 thousand miles before the timing chain breaks. If you want quiet ride in a Lincoln town car.
  16. I'll never understand why so many people on this forum who own these cars complain about the high prices for cars or parts. They are lower than pretty much anything else than a Pinto. And if someone pays $400 for a map light be happy. I've got 2 of them. Its much easier to retire knowing you have a Mustang worth 100 grand rather than one worth 2 grand. Am I right? The market is telling us the value of these cars and what used parts are left is going up. Get used to it or get out of the hobby.
  17. I have old school Sony Mobile ES XES-M3 amps installed and if thats not enough, I've got 6 Eminence Lab15's at home powered by 2 Crown XTI4000 amps. 133db at 26hz. Trust me, I have the stereo covered for me and the next 3 houses on each side of me. Hard to get a pic of the exhaust. Car is covered up outside. But it is nothing more than a pipe running along side of a pipe.
  18. Not much room under the car to do the resonator after the muffler so I did mine before it. It will work either way. I had drone around 2100 rpm but the resonator killed all of it from 1900-2400rpm. Just have the muffler guy bend a 90 with 30" of pipe on one side. Cut off the short end of the pipe as close to the 90 as possible and add a matching hole in the original exhaust pipe. Bend the resonator pipe to match the original so it can mount flush to the original pipe. Cut it to 26" and make an end cap / mount bracket that can be welded to attach both pipes together. Weld it up. Done. Now you can hear your stereo.
  19. Depends on your drivetrain combo if you get drone or not. My convertible had no drone. The fastback had bad drone. I did the helmholdts resonator with a 26" capped off empty pipe added to both sides of my exhaust and now there is no drone at all. It sounds perfect in and out of the car. The exhaust shop guy was in his 70's and never saw it done so I had to tell him what to do. I think he thought I was nuts. All the manufacturers now tune their performance cars for the exhaust note and you will find similar lengths of pipe or a box that looks like a muffler but is really just a different flavor of the helmholdts resonator.
  20. I have 3 of the hoses NOS. P/N D4HZ-9D667-A 26" 24" and 21.25" long. We use pieces that are 17" long I'll be putting them on Ebay over the next few weeks starting with the shortest one first. Here is my Ebay listing http://www.ebay.com/itm/171810492131?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  21. Reviving the thread again. I'll be listing one of the D4HZ-9D667-A Ford NOS hoses that I have. First one is 21.25" long. Its the shortest one I have I'll list on Ebay tomorrow. I used a 17" piece for my car.
  22. I bought full boxes of Markall paint sticks for my restoration to get the colors we need. I have 5 sets of 5 colors each left over. Orange Red Blue White Yellow $10 a set shipping is included in USA. Give me a couple days to get shipping envelopes.
  23. Unless you got one from me they are all used. Ebay has been around since about 1995 and I have never seen a NOS one unless I listed it. The only NOS light I have seen otherwise was the chrome version for LTD's So yes these are rare.
  24. I don't have a pic. It's a pain to get down the attic stairs, take a pic, and put it back up. It's a full quarter and has a section of the trunk gutter welded on which is slightly different than another NOS quarter I bought 10 years ago and installed on my Convertible. Neither of the NOS quarters had any kind of coating on them. They were both bare steel. I don't remember seeing a date stamped on it and there aren't any shipping labels attached. This one looks like it was just pulled off the assembly floor. I've had it for a few years. Considering I haven't even started up one of my Mustangs for 2 years now I suspect I'll never use this. I figure I'd want around $400 for it. Same as I paid for it.
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