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  1. not yet, there's no factory add- ons like an EFI, or running lights etc
  2. thanks much, great info. it's always something! I discovered there's no fuel line from the carb to the fuel pump. and just like my 71 I need a new ignition cylinder and ignition switch.
  3. Great info, thanks. So the speed cable connects to …?
  4. Need help identifying where these two go. The first smaller red wire, with the yellow end, middle of first picture, is attached to the left of the voltage regulator on my 73 'vert 302, need to know where the other end goes, the wire is kinda long. (This connection is not found on my 71 351c) .The second is possible an O2 sensor? but not sure where it connects to.
  5. Because, like Lee said "They're a fat pig!". Actually it was price to buy my 71 ($1400) and my 73 ($1000). But have really come to like the big size and the uniqueness. This site also helps tremendously in liking them more!
  6. Nice vert , similar to mine. My wife actually found the vert, and said to buy it! Now if we can find a fastback my trifecta would be complete.
  7. great info, thanks to all, go have a beer!
  8. ok, just seems weird. cause the mechanic says its not the sending unit, which would make more sense. So it's a hose? Thanks Don C
  9. On top of the fuel tank (on a 71) the unit that allows for return fuel. Is it some type of pump or unit, if so what's the correct name so I can order one? It's not the sending unit, that's what I mis-rdered. Thanks.
  10. interesting tri-fecta. I'm close with a 71 and 73. My trifecta would be coupe, convertible and fastback. So, for me 2 out of 3 once again, just need a 72 sportsroof/fastback.
  11. I have the same deal with my 73 'vert. SMS does have the color, but for one seat, which i need, it was going to be around $400. I'm going to switch my interior over to all white, for the same price.
  12. that looks very similar to the green 73 'vert I bought for $1K!
  13. If you're not much of a welder, I've used short thread fiberglass well in some smaller holes.
  14. i recently had this too, without the misc. parts falling out. I did get a whole new switch. It's less than $15. If you go that route, you'll need to pull the steering wheel off. You can get a steering wheel puller from Auto Zone on a free loan. It's suggested loosening the main bolt, but not removing it all the way, in case your steering wheel really pops off! I had to play with my new switch for a while to get it to stay in, but eventually it did.
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