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  1. Have you seen the car in person? No but I might try tomorrow. If I do I'll take more pics. Ray I'm interested in it possibly wanted to go check it out but have not had the time. I wouldn't mind more pictures of it!
  2. I found this mustang for sale and I was wondering whatyour thoughts were on it and what price is a good one for it. It is a 72 fastback that came originally with a 302. The guy wants $2000 for it.
  3. I can now say I have been within 100yards of two tornados all in less than two years. I guess that is something. (Both times I was not at home) My 1978 F250 almost got damaged. Damage was everywhere around it but not a single new dent on it.
  4. The problem is that the seal will not come out no matter how hard I tried. I'm going to see about getting one of those tools mentioned in the video. Then maybe the seal will come out.
  5. Hello, Tonight I was trying to remove the rear transmission seal on my dads 71 coupe c4 transmission. I spent a long time trying to get it to come off but It wouldn't budge. Does anybody have any tips or tricks to get the seal off? The transmission is still in the car. Thanks For Your Help!!
  6. I've met Boss1ray and c9zx. I think thats all.....
  7. Its just a red car, I don't know why your taking so long getting my car pulled up!
  8. If you need anymore pictures of the part, let me know!
  9. I thought this might be a interesting thread. Post pictures of the most rusted out 71-73 mustang here!
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