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  1. i'm a little stumped after redoing miles of wires, and trying to decode the original owners esoteric sense of wiring and wiring around everypart possible, i have gotten the car about ready for inspection. my one concern is my reverse lights, when put into reverse the reds come on but not the whites. my reverse sensor and neutral sensor seem to be unplugged...but there are wires around them as well , i cant figure out where the whites are unplugged this seems obvious but after doing my blinkers hazards brakes its still nt working? any ideas at all?
  2. hey welcome! i just posted a similar post as well, as i am sure everyone here has at one point as you. my wife and i moved to hawaii and are restoring a 1973 mustang convertable. yes looking at the ram air and upgraded suspension and leather seats are great , but still working out all the little bugs she came with ie...roof leaking(got new liner for it yet to instal) and windows are completely unaligned and the weather sttripping on the whole car is shot, have more body issues than i realized as well, but yeah what they say everyone! looking at you as you drive down the road is priceless. and you cant beat the sound of the running engine.(once you get it running haha).
  3. thanks alot! i have actualy been looking at the kyb's i may just go and pick em up tomorrow napa has a speciel right now on them i just dont know which ones to go with, that will help smooth out my ride, i took off the traction bars to help that as well, im now trying to figure out what i can do with leaf springs as well ,don't know much about suspension, believe me i don't really wan't to raise the car up im in the boat of everyone else lowering it and working on handlingmore of a track car, not offroading haha but when in rome, if the worst thing i have to worry about is the smoothness of my ride in hawaii .... any other ideas as far as sway bars coil over kits?whatever helps. thanks alot guys.
  4. Hey everyone, I just moved my 1973 mustang conv. 351 cleavland over to hawaii, big island, for those of us (myself included that don't know the roads here are rough! thats an understatement! I love my car i have been fixing her up daily restoration and upkeep, and feel awful every pothole i hit every bump rock tree trunk out here in the wild west, and i want to beef up my suspension. i'm nt going off roading, (but the roads here arnt that difrnt) but for now where can i start i am looking at changing my brakes over to rear disks, and pipe dream..eventualy going with an indepndent rear axel, bu for now as far as leaf springs and shock absorbers, strut rods, front suspension, what can i do to save my car! to make the ride smoother, and better for the dirt roads and bumps...are there any kits? shock suggestions? i am thinking of raising it 3 inches all around, if itll help have bottumed out(at low speeds and cry everytime)thanks so much in advance guys any all suggestions welcome! Sean:cool:
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