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  1. I'm glad you remembered me lol. Not many people know many Luxembourgs.
  2. http://rrs-online.com.au/trans-am-3-link.html In my search for 71-71 mustang friendly parts suppliers I came across this Australian company that makes quite a bit for our cars and I was wondering if anybody has used them.
  3. Well I'm not new but I have been gone quite a long time, so hello to all the new people and glad to be back to all who know me.
  4. well I'm back on the forums I realize I haven't really been active in months but here is a few updates. In January found out I was to be a father(first child). I also traded on old vehicle that was starting to have transmission problems for an 87 f700 with about 44k original miles on the 7.8l New Holland diesel and an Allison 4 speed transmission and traded a few guns for a heavily modified 7.3 powerstoke that finds its self cocooned in an E350 body... my friends have a cute little name for the van but to keep it G rated lets just call it the candy van lol. that power plant will eventually find it's way into the 73 ranchero as soon as I can source a front sump oil pan out of a bus that came with the t444e .
  5. I can send you some Texas plates if you want
  6. Alright guys here is the issue, I got a nice driver quality 76 charger as payment for rent the other day and it has a slightly built 318 in it that puts out around 250-260 hp. the vacuum secondaries didn't work but it drove nice and stopped very well. Today I put a smaller carb with mechanical secondary ( 750 to a 650) it runs nicer under 3k rpms and now I can't stop to save my life the pedal goes to the floor and wont hold the car still if you go above idle with the brakes held the booster is plumed to the manifold so I didn't mess with that. What is going on here?
  7. I can spot the rotted roof on that one ..."very little rust"
  8. Yes it is the look I am going for... I don't plan on selling my car so I am building it as I please . I put this up here to let people know they can replace a stock unit that may be inop, or inaccurate to all hell with a 20 mph bounce like the 72 sprint fast back I drove in high school. They offer it in 120, 140,160,180,200,260 mph customized how you want it.
  9. Here is my example of how a 4 speed power brake assembly should look ... And keep in mind I got this for only $125 The local scrap yard I also picked a 3 speed manual brake one for only $25
  10. So I was looking I to replacing my current speedo with a unit with more of a wow factor when people see it at car shows that still looks somewhat original and I found a good 4 1\2 inch 200 mph gauge from speed hut and it is also a GPS unit so I can put whatever rear end gear and tire size without having to do any speedo gear guessing... The only down side is that in long tunnels you lose your speedo... Now worries here in west Texas lol. Day ( unlit) Night (lit up)
  11. I have a rear window with factory tint and rear trim and the front windshield trim for sale open to any reasonable offers I will dig out the last trim piece in the morning
  12. Fit the new wheels on since I'm home now. Even put one of the fat tires in front but that needed the spacer i had from the 05 mustang rims I have but that can be fixed with different back spacing for the rim. Even fit them front and rear on the ranchero with out spacers ... looks like I'm ordering 4-6 more depending on what the turning clearance is for the stang the fat tire is a 28 x 12 r 15 with 5.5 inch back spacing the other one is 26 x 8 with 4 inches of back spacing.
  13. Isn't queensland also the most expensive as far as vehicle tax
  14. Nice to see you're back at her and I believe that they are supposed to be color coded at least mine were and she showed no sign of a previous restoration
  15. These are mine 15 x 7 with 4 inches bs, with 26 x 8 tires front and 15 x 10 with 5.5 inches bs, with 28 x 12 tires rear
  16. I bet you would lol after scouring the country for one. I wouldn't doubt if all the calls you made looking stirred a small buzz about a rise in demand about needing these!
  17. It gets worse: Chuck was billed to the Recreation Camp, as a 'gift' from the Rec Camp Manager. So, no salary coming from the AHS for Chuck. Let's review: No NAF Employee salary Two motivated and qualified volunteers to run the shop (no salaries) Other volunteers coming in to help when they can, doing whatever needs to be done Full stalls each day can only max out earnings at $658 Shop was averaging 80% full when open both days ($450-500) More income from other services, too (A/C service, diagnostics, nitrogen, mounting and balancing tires, et al) Customers paid at the Arts & Crafts Center (who were supposed to split out AHS monies) Add it all up and you get: the Arts & Crafts Center looks great on paper, and the AHS isn't making a dime. A good friend of mine who did a stint at the Mission Support Group Deputy Commander, told me this has been in the works for a few years. The last time the 'we're going to close the AHS' scare came around, Col Damiano (the former Wing Commander, and a stereotypical balding-little-short-guy-Porsche-driving-elitist-douche-bag) actually made the comment, "To Hell with the Auto Hobby Shop. I don't change my own oil... why would anybody else want to?" Funny how he never had any problem coming to the shop when he needed to top off the nitrogen in his tires (for free... he's the boss after all), or keep putting air in the one on his wife's Jeep that he never could seem to get fixed. Asshole... I'll help Jim with his Galaxie and figure out what to do with the parts cars that auron73mach1 and I went in on together. They're both pretty much immobile, so it'll be a challenge. Hopefully, we'll be able to work on those next weekend (if we're permitted). Funny story about Mrs. D. Every time she came through the gate I would basically sing praise about the ahs. Like how much good it does for the base populous and the latest car in need that I worked on in my free time. Usually right after working since 0430 and she said wanted to keep it going because of all of the hard work us volunteers but into keeping it open. She even went to go look at all of our cars (mine, your's, Jim's, and Gonzo's ) and dragged her hubby along before they left Good news though I should be home in about 2 weeks all I want to save is the 72 rear axle fuel system and trim parts and the 73 disk brake spindles and any part that welded in place ... maybe the 73 front clip with engine ( shame to see a second clevo slip though my fingers and into the scrap heap or a good front clip with cowl )
  18. How did we not turn a profit to pay a single naf employee ?
  19. nope the 3.9 has a higher flow rate injector (confused me to) I always used dodgeforum.com and it is called a kegger mod also works for the v6 http://dodgeforum.com/forum/2nd-gen-ram-tech/145873-kegger-intake-mod-diy.html
  20. wish I would have seen this earlier. on the mid 90's magnum 3.9 if you cut out the wall in the middle of the air intake manifold you can free up a good bit of horse power... some on the dodge forum claim up to about 20 hp or so.... A.D.D. moment get 3.9 injectors and put them in the 5.2 you see some gains as well
  21. I know a place that powder coats might have them redo it in dark blue as well as the inside back spacing area of the rim just as something subtle. I will see if I grow to like it first if not I'll change it.
  22. Only 3 years old? She was ran hard and put up wet before you even got her.
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