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  1. Don, No, it needs to be the 2 1/4" length D0AE-A with a 5/8" pilot hole in the back for the water pump hub. Still looking. Thanks for the quick reply Don. You come highly recommended as the man to contact for 71-73 stuff.
  2. Don, No, it needs to be the 2 1/4" D0AE-A. I put the word out to some more people and may have found one here locally. Will let you know. Thanks for your quick reply.
  3. Does anyone have an extra 71 351C fan spacer they would sell? It will be marked on the front hub, D0AE-A and be 2.25" from mounting face to face. Thanks in advance.
  4. FastnNefarious, Is the red car yours? Did you buy it on ebay from Chockostang? Also, do you have any documentation about these cars being won from YooHoo? Still seeking info and documentation on our car. No mention of the stripe on the Eminger invoice. any info is appreciated.
  5. I have a nice used set of the honeycomb block off plates for the 71-73 NASA hood. These are used on the cars that did not have ram air. They are in good shape with no broken tabs. $40. for the pair. Email okcmustangresto @ yahoo.com Thanks.
  6. Wow, another one that is Light Pewter like my wife's car. Is this car currently on Ebay? There was a red one on Ebay a couple of years ago and it had both stripes and just looked way too busy on the side with both on it. We saw one here in OKC that was brown with white stripes and it was not very attractive. We later found out it was totalled. This picture you have posted has got me wondering exactly how many of these Ford did this way? And what they called that particular stripe. Hmmm. The search continues. My wife's car does not like too much being finished, I just always shove it to the back burner to work on someone else's Mustang and she is getting tired of that. 71Mach351, thanks for posting that pic. I love that Grabber Green.
  7. Sorry, I don't have many more recent pics of it. This car has not been on the road since 84. Just sitting in the garage covered up.
  8. I have Ford shop manual sets for 71 & 73 Mustangs. The 71 set is a 4 volume set. The 73 set is a 5 volume set. $45. per set plus $10. shipping in the US. Email okcmustangresto@yahoo.com Thanks. SOLD
  9. Hello, Greetings from Oklahoma. My wife has a 71 Mach I that she drove to high school and has owned since 74. It is a rather unusual car. It was first titled to Ford Marketing Corporation in Dearborn. It was kept in Dearborn until mid 72. It has a Detroit(33) DSO. We hold a "B" title to it, as only Ford and my wife have been registered owners. It has a one off stripe on the side installed by Ford, that we have been unable to acquire any info on. We have seen pics of a few others with this stripe, but so far, no solid info. It is also fully loaded with power windows, tilt wheel, intermittent wipers, rear defrost, etc. According to our research so far, it has all options except automatic seat back releases. I would like to post a pic to see how many might have seen or have info on a stripe like this. Thanks for allowing me to participate on this forum. Regards, DWhitaker
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