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  1. 71 with A.C. ,Can't find this answer online ,Is the water control valve open or closed with no vacuum applied to it.
  2. Good afternoon ,I am looking for a piece of the headliner tack strip .It is the short section on drivers side that drops down along rear window ,This is a fast back any help or ideas? Thanks
  3. What material is used between the roof and drip rail ? And then between it and the piece that hold the weather strip?
  4. Does the body of the tail light sit flush with the outside of the tail panel?
  5. The amp gauges on the 71-73 were a shunt type ,All the altenator current does not pass through the meter. so they move a very small amount.
  6. My 71 came with the staggered shocks,and sway bar but it was only about 1/2 inch diameter
  7. Hello and good luck.
  8. The car has Jba shorty headers again because of my choice of heads Gt40p they have an odd plug angle causing plug and spark plug wire issues.Hippo 289 manifolds will work but the steering box is in the way.So I hand built the down pipes into an X crossover. No intermediate. pipes yet
  9. KJM


    I hope this is posted in the right area,I am glad that there is a place to get info on our model years.Some basic info car 71 mach 1 was a 351 c 4v c6 auto sports suspension ac car.Now it is a 351w all else the same has been a nine year project at this point it is going back together slowly. Exhaust is the slow part with the Windsor in the car and the gt40 p heads on it th at caused some small issues. Hope to post more info later Thanks.
  10. Very true my problem is finding someone to do it,Everyone I have talked with did not want to mess with it.
  11. Looking for source for tail pipes for 1971 Mach1 with the staggered rear shocks
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