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  1. Just checked and it sold for $23.500 ....which I will admit is a few grand more than the guy paid us for it, HOWEVER he did have to pay to ship it from CA to FL on top of that. AND for the auction he would have also had to have paid a fee/percentage so I'm not too broken up about it. I just hope it goes to someone who will take care of it and keep it for more than a year this time! (though I would like to know where it's going now)
  2. Hey guys, I know I sorta dropped out of this group once I actually sold the mach 1. But it was brought to my attention recently that the guy we sold it to has apparently decided to auction it off next month. https://www.mecum.com/lot-detail/FL0116-230999/0/1972-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Fastback/Automatic/ Gotta say I am actually a little upset with that, probably because I would really have liked to have kept the car in the first place if circumstances had been different. But from what i can see that is DEFINITELY my car! Since I can't buy it back I guess I can only hope someone in f
  3. Put a new license plate frame on my 91, and found that my club's annual show here in SD is OFFICIALLY COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! (Which means we met our 350 car limit, so there will be ZERO day of show entries allowed this year) I will have to get the numbers on how many 71-73's registered from our car show chairman tomorrow night at my club's monthly meeting (since it will obviously be all about the show next week)
  4. Well, that's it! Hope everyone who's in the area got in, cause the deadline has OFFICIALLY passed, and by the final count we are OFFICIALLY FULL!!! 350+ cars!!!! We are so full that we WILL NOT be offering/allowing any day of show entries either! So again, hope all members in the area on here were able to sign up, and if not still hope you guys will make the trip down to check out the show NEXT WEEKEND!
  5. took my 91 to my mechanic because it was slipping bad past 2nd gear, and he found that the gromits on the the downshift cable were screwing it up....so I'm gonna have to go pick it up from my parents cause me and my club are going to go to the classic car racing at NAS North Island this weekend. ALSO.....with THREE WEEKS to go, the Mustang Medic is helping hype my club's car show next month. Looks like he's going to sponsor a trophy SPECIFICALLY for 71-73's (since he's a fan of them) [video=youtube] Not sure how many we'll have there this year (since myself and another club me
  6. Had my club's 35th anniversary party and D&B over the weekend (w/ 36 cars including 4 foxes and 2 71-73's) which was ok. Otherwise I got my confirmation for my club's annual show here in san diego this coming october.....and I'm apparently the first one to sign up in my fox class since my # is 1701. If anyone in the southern CA/AZ area is interested I made a topic for it http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-mustangs-by-the-bay-2014-stay-tuned-for-updates
  7. Tailgaters are annoying, but they're easy to annoy too...if I get one up my ass and I'm all ready moving fast enough to pass most traffic to begin with then I DON'T MOVE! I just keep going the exact same speed I was before they got up my ass and if there's traffic I KNOW that drives them nuts more than anything......plus often times even if they manage to get around they usually get hung up in other traffic where I end up catching and/or passing them. I would sorta like to have a bumper sticker for them that says something like "if you can read this, remember the accident we're goin
  8. well don't forget this year's show http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-mustangs-by-the-bay-2014-stay-tuned-for-updates
  9. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS UP AND RUNNING San Diego Mustang Club Website Click on the MBTB link in the top right and fill it out. Be aware that the cost has gone up $5 to $35 BUT you do get a FREE T-shirt with your entry. So be sure to select your T-Shirt size OTHERWISE YOU GET AN XL!!! Also make sure that when you go to pay you have every thing filled out and all the correct boxes checked. cause you will have to click submit AND THEN IT WILL SHOW UP AGAIN where you click the same box where it will then say CONFIRM PURCHASE THE CUT OFF DATE IS SEPTEMBER 22ND!!!!! (or whenever
  10. Well saturday I took my car to a car show at the MCRD (Marine Corps Recruitment Depot) here in SD. There was a lot of cars (about 300) and a fair number of mustangs. But only ONE 71 Mustang. Which definitely made me miss mine, but what was ironic was this one was also apparently for sale. Otherwise today I called my landlord to see if they could do something about a sprinkler that's been getting my car all wet and leaving REALLY BAD hard water spots all over it (especially after I waxed it :dodgy:)
  11. the print out registration form is now available .....and registration w/ the option to pay through paypal should be up in the nexy day or so http://www.facebook.com/download/676504612441015/2014%20MBTB%20REGISTRATION.doc]Link to download Print out Registration (word doc) if this doesn't work just check out the store at sdmustangs.com over the coming weeks to register that way
  12. Just trying to remind people in SoCal that my club is putting on our annual show again this year SUNDAY OCTOBER 5TH Registration isn't open just yet (they're slightly behind thanks to the 50th in Vegas and Fab Fords) But will be very soon! I'm personally expecting Ron our club's MBTB chairman to announce it within the month, so everyone in SoCal please keep an eye on this thread
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