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  1. I apologize for not replying sooner, I just saw the post. Working on a 351C 4v and yes the choke stove bolts are a smaller diameter but longer. I’ll take them! Sending a PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Still working on it, engine wasn’t rebuilt just a paint and cosmetic redo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. It’s been a while and I thank you for the replies. The bolts are 3/8-16 and one is 2.25” in length and the other is 2.75 in length. The most important item to me is that the head markings are the same. The intake manifold is the last item I need to address for this 351C 4V engine. Thank you!
  4. Hello all, I am looking for one standard length oem intake manifold bolt and one longer one that fits on the choke stove. I am looking for the bolts to have the same markings as the one in the pictures. Thank you!
  5. Thank you Mark, you’ve confirmed I’m not yet senile :)
  6. HellPI Purchased this carpet almost a year ago. I unboxed it a few days ago, does the heelpad look like it’s been correctly placed? Also, how can I figure out Which pieces face towards the firewall? Only one side of one piece is finished with piping, all other sides are cut. In the picture the hole for the tunnel is located to the right side of the bottom of the heel pad. Thanks !
  7. I have a pair of OEM interior quarter panels in very good condition. Black original color and with good seat belt guides. I don’t think there are many for sale that are original and in very good condition. Part numbers DZ3B-6331486 and DZ3B-6331487. I’ll pack them well and absorb the cost of any packing materials. $200 plus actual shipping.
  8. BUMP, still available. Haven't had the time to finish and I don't see myself ever finishing it due to a change in priorities that are less selfish (for me). I would think this would be a good opportunity for someone to buy it and resell it and come out ahead while I could use the money to pay off bills :) Price lowered to $34k OBO. Thanks!
  9. Still looking, although my 72-73 interior quarters are in very good condition, they are not showroom. Putting this out there just in case, thanks!
  10. Holley Sniper, Holley billet pump and filters along with a stainless fuel tank. I chose Holley since their name is tangible with the Ford name, I wanted to keep an oem look to the car and the Holley did it for me. Otherwise most any EFI system currently on the market does the job well.
  11. I am reluctant to throw them away so if anyone wants it all it would be $8 shipped by USPS Priority mail only within the contiguous USA. Thanks!
  12. If you want it to turn out very nice and want it to last without any discoloration or flaking I would use this black ice, IMO there is nothing better. https://www.dewitts.com/products/blackice
  13. ^^ I agree. They're rather easy to find given your wallet does not object.
  14. PM sent. The panels I'm looking at have one ash tray located at the top of the passenger rear quarter panel and no ashtray on the drivers side. It's been so long I can't recall how my car was originally equipped. Does this sound correct for my standard interior 71 Mustang?
  15. Thank you Steve for the references, I actually think the "unicorn" panels found me. I received the below message a few hours ago and replied to him that I happen to have a nice oem set of black D3ZB panels put away. I purchased them around six years ago not realizing the 71's were different from 72-73. I will post up later to report the result. "I have a very nice pair of interior quarter panels in black for a 71 fastback. The problem is they are in my 73 Mach I show car. I don't have back seat belts because these don't have the cut outs for them like needed in 72 & 73. I would really like the right ones. If you find me a pair of nice black ones with the seat belt holes and the guides for the seat belts, I would trade you."
  16. Grabber Yellow but my fav is Wimbledon White.
  17. BUMP, I never seriously tried to sell it but it is time to do so. It has been in my garage since then and a few changes have been made. All the drive-train is out for painting (never opened) and well as the interior (had to check out the floors and they look good). Going to start putting it back together this summer (will ask for more) or sell as is. One daughter is due to graduate in a few months and the other soon follows. Looking to get $38k, thanks!
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