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  1. Also , I believe, the chrome on one type is smooth and the other has a brushed chrome finish. Just my two cents ;)
  2. Nice candidate for a resto-mod or pro-tourer https://www.ebay.com/itm/252483675600
  3. That's just what I would've been looking for had I've been looking in the first place :D
  4. Hello all, I searched Auto Custom Carpet and Trim Parts website and they both do not list a part number for Mustang fastback without rear fold down seats. Only for fastbacks with the rear fold down and coupes. Is this because fastbacks with no rear fold down seat and coupes have the same floor pattern? Also, does all floor carpeting come in two sections? Thanks
  5. Did you have to do any mods to get them to mount? They do look nice and look comfortable. I found a NOS set on eBay cheap considering they sell for over $1200 new. $400 for the pair shipped but the passenger side is grey. No biggie at that price, somebody buy them before they are gone! https://www.ebay.com/itm/112137504578
  6. Hello all, I pulled The carpet and I need help identifying if the car came with a long or short console. What signs should I be looking for on the floor pan? Any particular bracketry or screw holes? Thanks in advance.
  7. Great work, looks fantastic. ::thumb::
  8. I have a Boss 351 and am not sure if boot is the same as regular Mustangs/Mach 1.....You can get pretty close to original from Mustangs Unlimited or go to Hurst website. I have the original plate that came from the factory as I ordered the car new on Dec. 24, 1970. You do have a link to the boot you purchased? Thanks in advance.
  9. If you want the OEM stock look but with today modern cooling performance of an aluminum radiator in my opinion there is only one choice- Look up Dewitt's radiators. They come preassembled with Spal dual cooling fans (OEM quality) and a custom black plastic shroud. I would go this route if you want to avoid the shiny aluminum finish and/or the aftermarket radiator look. Otherwise BeCool is another top brand out there for the aftermarket look. Just my 2cents :)
  10. Great info. Has anyone tried the fuel sending unit from RobbMc Performance? Pricey but looks well made. http://www.robbmcperformance.com/products/1101_fordsend.html
  11. 4mm

    NOS carb!

    Plus after that it will still leak and not run well :)
  12. ^^Thats great info. Anybody know of someone who would do the entire panel conversion?
  13. Hmm, I forget where I purchased mine from (10 years ago lol). They are rollerized and they did not increase ride height.
  14. I was thinking of switching to full led head lamps similar to these.
  15. I completely agree with the above two statements. I always try to buy an older NOS Mallory or MSD distributor or ignition box. Much better than what's currently being made.
  16. Thanks for the response. I believe a 40 micron pre-pump filter and a 10 micron filter before the EFI unit? Is that correct?
  17. Hello all, I'm looking to remain mostly stock looking so I'm looking for a OEM look pre fuel pump filter. A metal canister type instead of billet. I was thinking of using something like the below picture. Anybody use something similar or can recommend something that has worked for them when running an EFI system? TIA
  18. Could be the above, I had a very similar issue and it was the poly engine and trans mounts. Try switching back to rubber. Shouldn't be too difficult or expensive.
  19. Very nice. If they only made a 351 stroker kit for the Coyote engine. ;)
  20. I was considering that exact one. Was it too wide or thick?
  21. Thanks for the info. Im aware of what you posted and I am wondering if a small "locking"' twist on gas cap would fit under the aftermarket flip gas caps. I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear enough. :)
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