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  1. I take back buying from a donor car. Look at what this ragged pair just sold for! https://www.ebay.com/itm/131771819632
  2. That's it Eric. FloFit. Much cheaper to buy off a donor car than directly from FloFit. I haven't seen them much around. I wonder if they're still in business.
  3. 1971 Mustang Sportsroof (Fastback) $11500 http://austin.craigslist.org/cto/5624315274.html
  4. I removed the SVO seat brackets and the OEM brackets were easily modified (drilled new holes in OEM brackets) and mounted onto the seat bottoms. It was easy.
  5. I have a 351C 4V stock but with headers. I've always had success with AcDelco Rapid Fire spark plugs. From the seat of the pants feeling they provided a smoother idle and smoother acceleration (not necessarily faster lol). Which one of these two would be best suited for the engine? I cannot grasp the differences. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-1 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ado-2 I am also almost ready to to fire her up and is there any recommended oil filter for the 351C 4V? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have these Recaro clones. They came off an 86 Mustang SVO. I think they look good. They're hard to find though, but if I came across another nice set I would buy them. They were made by a very well known company (I forget the name), almost as well known as Recaro. They came with a pump to inflate the side lumbar areas. Please forgive the poor taste in the steering wheel and tachometer. It was an experiment and its long gone. :D
  7. Wow, that looks scary. Thanks for posting.
  8. Try Mike at Motorcity Mustangs. I believe he's a vendor here. There's also Don at OMS.
  9. I've used GW products for over 10'years. Never an issue and was very pleased with the results.
  10. I'm familiar with that piece and also with the March part. I'm trying to stay away from billet and stay with OEM brackets or OEM looking parts.
  11. I've been looking for a Saginaw mounting kit that looks stock for a 351C. Haven't found anything I like except for the KRC items but they are pricey and don't look stock. I have found plenty of options for the Windsors but practically nothing for Clevelands.
  12. Thanks for the info. Anybody else have anything to add I'd appreciate it.
  13. Hello All, I can seem to easily find inexpensive RH NOS exterior door handles but no left-hand (driver side) door handles. I have found a couple of left-hand door handles but they are very expensive. I seem to recall a thread where somebody said it was possible to swap the inner mechanism since the outer part of the handles are exactly the same. Does anybody have any info that can help me? TIA.
  14. I'm still very interested in getting this done by Tracy at Pacific Thunder Performance. Something along the lines of this. Looks like a good cross between stock and resto-mod. Tracy is offering us some good products for our 123 Mustangs. Hope we can all somehow help him pull off this one. Tracy?
  15. Ok, it makes sense now. The car does use the outer bolt holes. I was wondering if I was missing something with the inner bolt holes. Thanks guys for the quick replies.
  16. I'm getting to know the car better and I have no idea what these are for. Am I missing something here? Or does nothing bolt onto these holes. Thanks.
  17. Ok. Thx. So the the gas tank should also have brackets to slip into the underfloor brackets? Or do the underfloor brackets press against the groove of the gas tank once the tank is tightened up? It looks like the underfloor brackets have an opening for some type of rubber bumpers.
  18. Hello all, I removed the gas tank and found two brackets above the gas tank attached to the underside of the trunk floor. Seems like they are missing rubber bumpers or something. One is located on the drivers side and the other on the passenger side above the center area of the gas tank. Does anybody know what they are called and if I am missing any rubber bumpers? Below is a picture attached. Thanks.
  19. ^^Yes but if I recall correctly the QT bell will require a 10.5" clutch setup. Since it is spun the tolerances should be much better than the stamped Lakewood bell. I've owned both. The QT is a really nice piece.
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