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  1. a common problem is a bad ground wire,,... often people upgrade the positive side of the battery cable's but the ground wires remain untouched.


    sometimes the ground wires (between battery - and engine) become that bad, that the throttlecable becomes the new ground wire. current will seek the path of the least resistance.. if a ground wire ages,. .resistance build up inside, wires corrode and become bad..


    so maybe there lies a problem?


    but good the hear its running again!

  2. is that Holley new?? if so,.. open it up, check for debri's from the manufacturing process,.. you're not the first who's carb is full with drilling/casting residu.. had the same thing with an 600cfm holley, car wouldnt run for the life of it,.. finally opened up the carb, which was brandnew, found little bits of castings and drilling parts in the bowls and inside the main body, cleaned it out, and it ran beautiful after that..

  3. very nice work on the rear bumper and door! it looks really good..


    i did my bumpers as well, i did not go as far as you did,.. but just made them a little narrower (front 1"and the rear 3/4") and shortened the brackets so they sit closer to the body,had the sides to fit the body better, no bolts and it looks so much better





    back OT.. on yours, did you use sheetmetal or used the original bumper metal?


    anyway, looks really good!!

  4. mine did the same, adjust your rods, make sure it engages the gear and also comes back into neutral , this goes for all the gears of course.


    put the shifter in neutral, there is a hole in the shifter , put a piece of round bar in it, a drillbit will work, just take the best fitting one. that places the shifter levers in the correct position .


    then loosen all of the rods ,make sure the levers on the transmission are in neutral and in middle position and start tighting the rods again, just work your way thru all of the gears, and make sure the gears will engage all the way when put in gear..


    mine is shifts very smooth now, together with the hydraulic clutch, morning coffee is possible...:D

  5. looks like a good upgrade, and they look good.


    but a disc setup doesnt have to cost that much.. you are in the USA, lots of donor cars/parts around you. just get the calipers/disc from the scrapyard and order some adapter brackets and you're good to go..


    for the 1200 that the rear setup costs, i think you can do the front as well , then you would have a 13"front 11.65" rear disc setup. all from a 1994-2004 Cobra..


    i went that route and i love it.. but i made my own brackets ( a buddy of mine did the lasercutting of the brackets) , i had to make the fronts because at that time nobody was making anything for the 71-73 bodied mustang


    but then again, this is much easier.. :D

  6. For the 2 of you with 4 links (and anyone else for that matter if you know), did you use a kit of sorts (even a universal one) or is it completely from scratch? Any better pics of how you connected it to the body of the car (crossmember, existing leaf spring mounts...)?


    Mine is completly built from scratch, i ordered the links from the UK, and all the brackets are lasercut by a friend of mine.


    the lower links are connected to the stock leafspring mounts, and the rest is custom..


    here are some pictures from the build at the time.











    those competition eng, shocks are replaced with QA1's now..


    hope this helps a bit..





  7. @blue oval,


    you're gonna like that rear suspension,.. it probably the best thing i did to mine,.. it feels so much better now..


    i used a triangulated setup..


    here's my list

    front suspension

    550lbs front springs cut down half a coil

    roller perches ,moved 1"outward on the upper arm

    boxed upper and lower arms

    street&track struts

    home made tower brace (1-piece.)

    13"cobra brakes (with my own made adaptors for disc spindles)

    subframe connectors



    rear suspension

    4-link triangulated

    11.65" cobra discs

    9"locker 3.89 gears



    narrowed front and rear bumpers with no bolt holes, shortened bumper brackets so that the bumper sits closer to the body.

    us-body 3"dominator hood

    replaced roofskin , it was rotted thru

    own made headlight surroundings and grille



    Cobra sport seats

    no rear seats.

    made side windows electric with 1994 thunderbird motors

    audio installation

    center console home made

    autometer gauges, 2x 5"in stock gauge panel.


    engine / trans

    was 302/fmx


    now 351Boss with 4-spd toploader ,10.2cr

    crane cams f238 cam

    torkerII intake

    1" 4-hole tapered spacer

    quickfuel 750cfm carb

    msd ignition,wires.box


    3" exhaust which narrows to 2.5" after the X, then into spintech mufflers


    wheels 17x8 and 17x9.5 centerline daggers with 255/45 and 285/40
















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