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  1. mine had rust in the exact same spots... had to patch them like seen above
  2. looks good, putting on a set of connectors is a very good idea , to my opinion it helps big time on adding stiffnes to the body and upgrading the handling. it made mine handle much better
  3. the "assistence-part" from the hydroboost is a bit better then normal vacuum brakes,and these are a perfect solution if your running a big cam in the engine that provides you little or no engine vacuum thats is being build up for the brakes. then hydroboost is a great solution for it.. but if you have a normal cam and having no problems what so ever with braking, then i would really think about it to do it or not.. then the only upgrade would be that you dont have to press so hard on the brake pedal to get good braking..
  4. most of the dashcam crashes are from russia /poland/lithuania and those type of eastern countries. its required by the insurance companies because of the many crashes they have over there. so they have proof of who is to blame or can they blame. my suggestion is that they have to stop drinking vodka and take some driving lessons... some of those accidents were totally avoidable
  5. in some cases its best to always to use rubber.... :D but, it depends on what you want in a car.. for me i dont like a suspension thats to loose,.. i like it tight and responsive.. so i went for poly bushings.. BUT i have never tried new rubber bushing, i can imagine that a rubber bushing that is 30+ years old has seen better days, so new rubber bushings would be a huge improvement i guess. but also what others said, also invest in a set of roller perches, and if budget allows, look for aftermarket struts.. those also help with a better driving car..
  6. nice car, and mine is in storage for the winter.... :(
  7. FMX has a seperate aluminium bellhousing and cast iron transmission housing
  8. dang,... internet has found me...!
  9. hey!!! i drive a french car.... :D dont make fun of my Citroën.. :D:D:D:D this year was a good year for it,.. nothing fell off and it didn't erupt into flames .. so fingers crossed. :D
  10. well, look at this. i added the last measurement, but photobucket is somewhat malfunctioning , but that measurement reads 4.17 i believe.. all measurements in mm's and thats just the booster venturi's inlet, you should have seen the meteringplates and the throttleplate, i sold those there was someone interested in although he knew what was wrong with it..
  11. there's only 1 useful thing i can think of when putting a Demon to use, thats using it as an ashtray.. i have 1, converted it to an ashtray,.. its brand new but completly un-useable i used it for 130 miles , i could not get it to run good, it was always too rich no matter how i setup it up, turned out that the holes for the booster venturi's were different sizes on the same side, the holes for the emulsion tubes were different sizes and drilled at crooked angles, feul was pouring past the butterfly shafts into the engine and out of the carb.. those carbs are crap straight out of the box.. and customer service is something that they have never heard of at BG-carbs... called them, emailed them, no response what so ever... so its fair to say that i dont like mister grant and his crap carbs.. i now have a Quickfuel Q-series carbs,.. talk about quality....!! you would be better off with a Holley or Quickfuel carb..
  12. it can be done, but like others said, it requires some welding, especially if they are repros on mine i found out that they were both f/r repros so i shortened the rear brackets so the bumper would sit closer to the body. i welded the brackets directly to the bumper and filled the bolt-holes, so no more bolts visible from the outside then i cut some slots here and there,massaged it here and there so it would fit and look better ,rewelded it and came out with this for the front i cut out a 1" piece to make the bumper narrower,gave it the same treatment as the rear and welded it back together..
  13. guys guys,... all that money is in a bag in the trunk.. so buy it, take the 18k and take the rest to the scrapyard...
  14. yes , they will fit BUT you will have to use 65/66 drum hubs.. and you can use either the inside 71-73 bearing or the outside one, im not sure.. and the other bearing is usable from the 65/66 Mustangs.. i had originally stock discs on mine with a hub that was seperate from the disc, but using the hub from a 71-73 car pushes the wheel to far outward, a hub from a 65/66 drum car is 1/2" more inward.. here's a picture layout, 71-73 discbrake spindle with a 65/66 drum hub 2004 cobra brakes selfmade conversion brackets for the Cobra-brakes enlarged holes on the spindle for mounting the brackets i used the bottom hole of the spindle as well for mounting the calipers.. Street or Track sells conversion brackets for this disc brake spindle/brake caliper setup,.. at the time i made this, there was nothing available for our cars or these spindles with this brake setup.., and i didn't want to convert it to drum brake spindles i hope this helps.. Ben
  15. do yourself a favor and get rid off that fuelfilter, the center glass piece is known to break easily , and if it does gasoline will pour over your hot engine and, well, you can guess the rest... otherwise, keep it up..!
  16. just looked thru your topic, sounds like a great project you have there!! gonna be keeping an eye on this... i ditched the leafsprings on my car and 4-linked the rear, that made a huge difference regarding driving behaviour, but an IRS is even better.. do you know if an IRS off a 91-93 Thunderbird is basicly the same or not? my sister has her t-bird for sale... :D
  17. i see no benefit, you cannot get into the manifold, so only opening up the first 2-3 inches of the port will not give any great benefit.. just a lot of work and no HP gain... putting on a decent set of headers would give you more.. my 2 cents..
  18. i used those pins/locks, after slighty scratching the paint when pulling the pin, i quickly changed to another set of locks, now i have these.. looks a lot cleaner.. downside is, you have to make a big hole in your hood...
  19. you cannot perform the shelbydrop on 71-73 cars, the inner structure of these shocktowers won't allow it, plus, they have a revised geometrie of the front suspension which makes them handle better than the previous bodies
  20. do you have all the vacuum hoses capped off as well?
  21. this sums it all up, well for me, the engine is just a part of the whole package, it has to work together with the rest of the drivetrain. if you build a big cammed 4v 351c with a stock convertor/tranny and a 2.75 rear gearing with 275/60/15 tire combo, yes it will be a pig, the 4v will fall flat on its face regarding low end torque, but stick a high stall convertor in it ,with a 3.50/3.89 gearing and 275-50-15 tire, it will rip the road right off the surface of the earth. it must be a right combination, everything has to work together. my 4v has more than enough low end grunt to make me smile:cool:
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