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  1. finished the grille/headlight covers on it.. i think it looks pretty good.. made a insert to put the grille on. gave the pony its place back.. finished!
  2. welcome, and post some pictures, and maybe its helpful to get a decent manual, that way you have always some info on hand.. good luck!
  3. BenD


    welcome from europe, nice coupe you have there
  4. i would get rid of those floormats, put some normal ones in and its perfect!
  5. forget the Torino, jjr329, your mach is stunning!
  6. very much depends on the materials used, stainless or aluminized steel, mufflers used, (i agree,single chambers will be very loud and deafening on the highway) and size of the pipe used, what kind of engine it has, mild cam,big cam, all sorts of things.. i have a 3" into 2.5"system, it goes into 2.5" after the X-over into Spintech mufflers, then over the axle and then it stops. and the f238 cam from crane i have some soundclips for you, at idle and a short take-off :D
  7. there are 2 window stops that can be adjusted, and also the nuts that hold the window itself in place can be loosened and that way you can slide the window forth/back and tilt it..
  8. i think my car has already more aftermarket parts and parts from other cars on it then stock/original parts ... :D
  9. try using a stethoscope, they are pretty cheap and can be very useful in these types of problems..
  10. 40hp is really something but compared to what intake?
  11. but the rear on jacks/axle stands, put the car in drive and listen underneath if you can here something, just remember the turning wheels!!!
  12. cool, its looking good! keep it going! got my new steering wheel today so i mounted it.. and did some work on the headlight buckets.. gonna mount those later this week
  13. here's what i done with mine subframe connectors 1-1/8"front sway bar boxed lower arms reinforced upper arms (like the opentracker ones) roller perches I placed the perches 1" more outward on the controlarm, this way you don't need the 620spring which is a bit to harsh, i used a 550 springs, this way the suspension can do what it needs to be doing, handle the road/bumps, when a spring is to hard, it won't handle, but just bounce over bumps.. and the best thing is to mount a good set of strutrods, mine are from StreetorTrack. the stock ones limit the suspension to much.. at the rear i took the leafsprings out and mounted a 4-link with coilovers, ordered the links,had a buddy of mine make me some brackets (lasercut) and did the rest myself. it now handles really well, i still have to mount a swaybar, but i am limited with the space available, but i have some swaybars to choose from..., these cars can be made to handle really well
  14. i was actually looking for a 65/66 Mustang, but somehow i got home with the '72.. the 65/66 were just out of my pricerange . still i have no regrets getting the '72..
  15. mine was on the driverside, '72 grande,.. which reminds me, i still have to put it back..:D
  16. what you want, a fancier alu pan doesnt make it go faster or anything like that... it looks better ,thats all..
  17. im only talking about the car shows, with the rest i am very pleased.. :D
  18. yup, looks like a truck pan you have on there,.. you'll need a front sump..
  19. i really think i ended up in the wrong country somehow when seeing pictures like these!!:@:dodgy::D
  20. did some work on the grille.. still a lot of work,, but i think its gonna look pretty nice..
  21. measure them,.. you'll never know if someone has gotten a little enthusiastic with shaving off the head surface to gain more cr..
  22. @Tnfastbk, yes, i meant you, and that sure looks sick, me likey!! and thanks for the pictures!
  23. True, I kept the original dash stuff and just personalized from there. A little carbon fiber and brushed aliminum in place of the wood grain and such sounds interesting, do you have some picture's??:cool:
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