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  1. thats indeed something you do not want to hear from a rebuild motor.. good luck man.. and +1 on pulling the engine, makes working on it so much easier
  2. Do manual shift automatics count??? yes it does!! :D
  3. i havent seen any over here, 73's had fiberglass/plastic bumper right?
  4. at these pictures they are place at the back, now they slide in from the front, and sorry, i have no picture from the back of them sorry.. this is how they sit now..
  5. thanks! well all this is a few years ago.. the car has sat for a while collecting dust. just started working on it some 3 months ago and finished it, the car has just been tested for road worthiness and found to be in perfect working order..so i can enjoy it again :D here it is completed http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-got-send-here-by-jeff @Tnfastbk, you mean the silvery thing with 2 hoses on it? thats the fuelpressure regulator..
  6. :blush: thanks guys.. its a learning process for me as well..:D thanks!, not at all, i got the matching sliding rails for them an got some 8mm (hmm, thats almost 3/8"thick) thick flatbar and made the frame's i searched for it, but i don't have pictures of them sorry.. but thanks again guys! i appreciate it..:cool:
  7. yes it is,.. it belongs to a buddy of mine he has got it driveable now..
  8. the rendering looks very cool man, im keeping an eye on this, i think they would look cool on mine...
  9. thanks !! i was debating myself on that at the time, i had a clock originally in it, the clock was not functioning, the mechanics inside were gummed up, and no moving parts anymore, the circuit was fried as well, so it was an easy decision..
  10. yes, i just used the hardware that came with the gauges, .. Ben
  11. welcome from europe, nice wheels!
  12. found a picture of my tank.. hope this helps..
  13. i've heard some people talking about using a hairdryer on the wrinkles, haven't tried it myself i have to say.. but maybe it works..
  14. that is an great color , i dig it.. and the taillights are done really good, looks just if they came from the factory like this.. this is a great looking car.. job well done!
  15. i have only had 2 other Ford products.. both of them smoked a lot.. the Mustang II had an 306 with world windsor jr heads in it..it smoked the tires real easy.. :D
  16. thanks man :D the engine is a 351C 4-bolt block filled with a Boss crank and rods, it has trw forged pistons giving it a 10.2-1 cr, the heads are also Boss units with manley valve's comp springs and Manley 1.73 roller rockers, heads are skimmed extra for more cr. combustion chambers are now only 62cc's Cam is from crane the F238, Cam has .554 lift intake. .577 exhaust. Duration @ .050 is 238 intake 248 exhaust so its fairly mild,but it has a nice idle.. intake is a edelbrock torker II with a 1" wilson tapered 4-hole spacer and a custom made QFT-carb. all the fasteners are from ARP headers are from FPA here's a small movie of it, running again after 3 years.. transmission is a wide ratio 4-speed from a 67 Mustang coupled to a 9" with a equa locker (which has seen the end of its life after only 1000miles since the rebuild. ) and 3.89 gearing, i need to update the locker to a trac-lok or even get an detroit locker.. and the interior Cobra seats, rear seats are deleted , i needed some music.. and custom console, made it myself. the console in the making dont have good picture of it finished other than the above pictures,.. i will make some... this car also has its roof replaced, the humidity and the vinyl roof together wasn't a good combination all small holes.. and this section i cut out after a year i had the car.it had a 2" hole in it. and a few other smaller holes.. i then placed some sheet metal underneath it, tacked it in place , filled it with bodyfiller, and drove it like that for 11 years.. in the mean time i found a replacement roof, this car was involved in a crash and was beyond repair obviously. so i had cut of the roof, and used it for my car.. out with the old the only thing was that the car had laid on its roof, luckily my buddy is magician with bodywork he worked out all the dents then onto the car i filled the "gaps" where originally lead and bodyfiller is used with sheet metal and thats about it about the car.. now you guys know everything about it.. :D thanks for the interest!
  17. Hey all, i've just been on this forum for only a few days and having looking around i have seen some really nice cars in here! Some of you asked if i have more info on the car so im not sure if mine is up to those standards, but here it goes.. Front suspension. lower arms are boxed added a plate in the bottom and p.u. bushings. Street or Track struts also there's a 1-1/8"swaybar upper arms relocated place for the spring perches reinforced from the inside sides plated roller perches rear suspension. brackets for the lower arms,boxed the spring perches as wel.., the front of the arms goes in the stock location brackets for the upper arms. made a radical decision, it works better with the trunk floor out of the way.. bar for the coilovers (qa1's ,the competion engeneering units broke really fast, so swapped them for the qa1's) brackets for the upper body mounts they go here everything painted and in place. shock tower braces.stock ones didn't fit anymore with the new valve covers, i got those from ebay . first made some cardboard templates gave them to a buddy, he write programs for a lasercutter and works at a construction company got the brackets back welded in some 32mm round bar ,here everything is welded,and in bodyfiller to make it nice painted at the same time i had brackets made for the front brakes, since no company had a conversion brackets for the cars, now S.O.T. has.. i used '65 hubs for this.. same goes for the rear brakes, next is the engine
  18. my first car was a Citroen 2cv6... driving in the winter with a blanket over yourself to keep warm :D.. my first Mustang was a 1972 Grande which i still have almost 14 years later. the second Mustang was a 1988 Mustang LX converted to the 4-eye look, i NEVER should have sold that thing,.. it had some engine work done, man that thing was fast... (edit found a pic of it..)
  19. thanks again guys for the warm welcome! i will make a topic about the car with all the specs , just have to look for the pictures .. Ben
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