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  1. hmmm, i'm actually not really sure.... i'll have to check.. but i think so..
  2. i rewired them from the stock connector, just soldered them to the wires i needed
  3. it can be done with the windshield in place, but the rear window has to come out...
  4. some of you have cool hobbies.. heres mine, my TL1000S, i crashed it then rebuild it to my vision, now it looks like this.. and i ride my mtb for keeping fit
  5. thanks for the warm welcome! here are some shots from under the hood.. thanks again :D
  6. i have,.. i used 2 5" units (rpms and odo/miles) and 1 2 1/16 for the fuel i took the stock unit and unscrewed everything until i had only this left slide the new gauges in from the front and then you have this..
  7. i've just put in a new headliner (just painted the car.) and i can tell thats its not an easy job to put it in. i'm not happy on how it turned out, thinking about redoing it, but now with a black headliner, everything in or on the car is black, but the headliner is dark bleu, that was the darkest color available back then.. but some wrinkles came out overnight, some are still there, i redid the back , but im still not happy... but what alarmrick said, if its the stock headliner, don't pull on it..
  8. hydroboost is a very nice upgrade, i used a unit from an F350 from '04 i believe, works perfect..
  9. i just wanted to introduce myself, i got referred to this site by Jeff (don't have his last name,sorry) my name is Ben and i live in the netherlands, i have a 1972 Mustang Grande, i have it for almost 14 years now and in that time i made some modifications on it, in short,the car has now a 351C Boss engine,4spd toploader, '04 cobra brakes, 9"rear with homemade 4-link suspension, upgraded front suspension ,roller perches,550lbs springs cut down half a coil, the perches are located 1" outward on the upper arm, boxed lower and upper arms, Street or track struts, subframe connectors, homemade towerbraces/montecarlo bar and more stuff that im am forgetting, here are some picture's! cheers Ben
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