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  1. I have a couple of the large diameter air cleaners that were on the 71 Cleveland cars. One is a base by itself, the other is a full assembly. PM me if interested. kcmash
  2. 303 is what I use on my Boat upholstery. It’s a 1999 and the seats are still buttery soft and in good shape. it’s a great product! kcmash
  3. Mike, A couple of things. 1] on the chrome clips I have only seen them 1 per side on these cars. That is what the assembly manuals show too. To bad you missed those clips, I tried to warn you in your last post on headliners. 2) I wanted an original look but a fresh seat look too. I ordered the TMI original looking covers. I am not smart enough to know the difference between original comfortweave and the reproduction covers.. they look great. kcmash
  4. I had squirrels chewing on our pergola this summer. Painted the area with ghost pepper salsa. No more chewing! kcmash
  5. Went for an awesome drive tonight and am having second thoughts. So the problem is the vibration is inconsistent. It seemed to get worse when the car warmed up then better. Not sure if I have something dragging in the brakes up front. But that stuff is all new, so that makes no sense. I am definitely puzzled. kcmash
  6. History is strange. Lots of parts collected. Rear pumpkin is a 3:25 posi that I had rebuilt. Driveshaft was purchased as a 4 speed driveshaft. I am unsure. New u joints on both ends. No I did not replace the tail shaft bushing. Why is removing the whole tranny easier. Disconnect the driveshaft, crossmember, speedo cable, shifter. 4 bolts to remove the tail shaft. 4 bolts to remove the tranny. Tail shaft is light, transmission is heavy. thanks kcmash
  7. OK. I think I am close on this but need some help. My car has exhibited a vibration when driving 40 and above since restoration. 351 4speed. Today I slid under the car to check u-joints and found this. When shaking the front of the driveshaft up and down at the transmission yolk, I get about 1/8 inch of play. This is with everything assembled. I feel this could be the source of the vibration. I did rebuild the transmission during restoration, but am unsure if I did the output shaft bearing. What do you think I need to test/replace to tighten this up? Is there another y
  8. There is no difference in the unibody construction from a 6 cylinder through a 429 SCJ. The metal and weld mints were all the same. Historical articles state that Ford redesigned the 71 chassis just to handle the big block. The 69 and 70 Mustangs had extra reinforcement at the base of the shock tower for big block cars, then the Boss 429 got more significant mods to the shock towers for 69 and 70. All of the other big block upgrades to the Mustang in 71 were bolt on. Rear axle, brakes, sway bars, springs. The only unibody weldment differences I can think of in the 71 are the
  9. I will need to pass on that. I already have some that could be perfect for less than the $700 in bodywork. Thanks for the reply. Good luck moving your parts kcmash
  10. On a personal note, please be cautious with your gaps. You can spend a lot of time trying to do better than factory then you discover what I did. When my car was painted and I moved to assembly the gap between the door and the B pillar was too tight to allow the door weatherstripping to fit. It was binding on the rubber and screw heads that hold the top of the weather strip on the tail end of the door. So at least put the weatherstrip and casters on for a check fit before paint. kcmash
  11. Whatcha want for that pair of front fenders? Are they as straight as they look? I would need them shipped to Kansas City. kcmash
  12. Question of the day. Is it possible to replace the passengers side bezel without removing the dash. Can I remove the glove box assembly and access all the fasteners? just trying to plan my pain..... kcmash
  13. For the experts out there I have this question. Was the pedal box different for the tilt column too. Seems as though my early 71 had extra bolts from the pedal box to the column. That is why I put the clutch pedal bushings in my original pedal box instead of using another manual pedal box. I also think the fuse box bracket mounts different. kcmash
  14. You must be getting younger Tony! I am debating whether to pull my column this year for a rebuild. No way do I think I will do it in 2029! kcmash
  15. There is a tilt column expert just North of Kansas City. He was referred to me by WCCC. his name is Tony Augustine and his email is 6t8cougarguy@gmail.com When I decide to rebuild mine I will take it to him. He has the parts, new upgraded bushings, etc. and he will rebuild them for you too. kcmash
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