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  1. I’ve got one in the garage. Shoot me a PM. kcmash
  2. Nice try, but it looks like contestant #2 is a JC Penny photoshop. Look at where her feet hit the ground, then it all becomes clear. She was not photographed with the car. Detective kcmash
  3. Pretty, but I don’t understand it being worth that value. In the write up they say they went from the original pewter to this color, they reduced compression from 11.7 to 9.4 or so, and they changed the rear end out from the 3:91. Additionally, the front chassis paint is incorrect. Also stated that the block and the differential were not numbers matching, has a different carb, and that it comes with the original exhaust manifolds, meaning it’s probably got headers. So don’t think I am dissing the seller for not being original, as my car is far from original. I just think the p
  4. Hood trim will not work with the Ram Air hood. I have the hood trim I will sell. I don’t have the fender trim. kcmash
  5. How do you guys repair this? Model glue? JBWeld? Solvent? Which solvent for the console repairs?
  6. Any good tips on locating the holes for the console through the new carpet? I am thinking of coming up from the bottom side with a hot soldering iron so the screws wont snag the carpet. Did you locate the previous mounting holes, or just drill new ones? kcmash
  7. I got some stuff. I can’t locate the spare taillight harness now, but I have the fuel extender in good shape. $50, 000 or best offer. I believe this is the one from Elvis’s Boss. kcmash
  8. I would talk to a stripe installer or Phoenix Graphics. There is some type of reactivating solution for the vinyl. kcmash
  9. Got the blower back in. It works well. Center stack is back in, need to find my new pedal rubber and install those and then put the drivers bucket back in. kcmash
  10. I am putting reproduction bezels in my dash now. Amazing how reproduction screw bosses are in the wrong location and not tall enough in some cases plus poor gate trimming on an appearance surface. They took some cheap cuts in the reproduction stuff. Question. Why are you installing the console before the dash? Or did I read that wrong? The console has always been the first thing I remove when doing dash or center stack work. kcmash
  11. Interesting! Is the D1ZZ a 2.25 inch diameter inlet? Do you have 2 of them or just 1? kcmash
  12. Well, where is your passion? Is it in the building and the “I did this” factor. Or is it in the pleasure of driving the car. With the classic look already in hand, the restomod luxury is quite appealing. A crate Coyote, or Shelby engine from a newer car to give quick starts, high torque, and fun drive ability is not a bad proposal. kcmash
  13. That one is pretty rough. Trying to contact them to see if I can get it.
  14. Found my problem with the blower. The cage fan is bent. I checked it and found it out of round. Since I don’t know how to get it back to round I am glad I have a spare lying around. So here is my stupid confession. When taking the fan off my original motor it was stuck. So I sprayed a little pb blaster on the spindle area and let it soak overnight. The next day when I picked the assembly up the fan slid right off the motor shaft and the gravity in my garage worked perfectly. There was no real evidence of damage from the fan taking the 42 inch fall, but it did happen. So no
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