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  1. Help! I am almost ready to reinstall the pedal box and steering column. My orifinal pedal box has a lot of differences in shape where the fuse block bracket resides. I have a second pedal box which was an original manual pedal assembly. First, has anyone ever successfully installed a pedal assist spring when converting an automatic pedal box to a manual pedal box. Second, What does the fuse block bracket for a 72 look like and where does it attach? Thanks forthe in put!
  2. How much for the in-dash harness? What about the cat by the sidepipe?:D Please PM me about the harness. - Thanks!
  3. I have a C6 Automatic from a 72 CJ car that was rebuilt, has the yolk, the flex plate and the torque converter all of which are new (except for the yolk.) The unit is rebuilt and ready to go into a car with no cleaning or rework required. Has been stored inside under my workbench for the last 8 years. What can I get for this thing this week? Kris--- OK, looks like no one knows. I guess I will sell it to the local parts guy cheap and make room.
  4. Funny, that's what I am restoring right now. Original 2V-FMX, but I have all the correct 4V-4 Speed conversion, so I am putting it together for fun!
  5. I can sell you just hub/rotor another responder only wants the rest w/o the rotors. I am not sure if they will clean up yet. I have not measured them.
  6. Hey team! Multiple points of interest on this one. As I told another person, shipping is a lot less if don't take the rotors(they are really just good for core value I think). That would give spindles, backing plates, caliper brackets, calipers, dirt and grease. I am assuming they would be about 30lbs per pair without the rotors. I am not that good with shipping deals, so you can calculate your favorite way from 64014, Blue Springs, MO. Maybe $5 or so for me to package them 76903 - Guestimate $30 UPS GRound + $5 Packaging 37716 - Same as above UPS Ground -after holidays+ $5 Packaging
  7. I need a pasengers side coil spring cover. How much for the cleanest one you have?
  8. I did spring perches and installed front coil springs! Most productive day in years!
  9. I have 2 lefts and two rights for sale. Just what you need for conversion to disc. Spindles, Caliper brackets, calipers, and rotors. Someone please make them go away. $50 per pair, you pay shipping.
  10. Has anyone restored an old rotor as part of their restoration? I am trying to save money and want to know if anyone removes the scale from the cooling slots and hub area, then use cast blast or other paint on the non-wear parts of the rotor? Also, when storing for a long while during restoration, how do you keep the machined rotor surfaces from rusting? Thanks!
  11. I agree, I have never seen shiny centers. I have some original 14 inchers on mycar now that I pulled off a Junkyard Torino in 1983. Satin centers. The centers were processed seperately then welded to the shiny rims. I noticed that the original magnums have an extra detail in the rims too that I have not seen on any repo's.
  12. Mine is a 71 Mach, Grabber Blue. Original 2v Cleveland/FMX, Drums all around, A/C, Tilt, Rear Defog, Black/grey interior, triple gage dash with in-dash CLOCK. Using all Ford original parts it will be restored as: 351C 4V/ 4Speed, Disc brakes, ram air, spoilers, Tach, power windows, Magnum 500's, plus the original options.
  13. I need to see if they are still there. I was thinking about 400-500 for the set too. I need to put other wheels on the car though so I can take these.
  14. I need a little help here. What is the going value for an original set of 4 magnum 500s with no rust, but normal wear. I know there are shiny reproductions out there, but I have a line on some original 15 x7's. Quick response is appreciated!! Thanks! Kcmash
  15. I'm waiting on a reply from the first inquirer. If I don't hear back in two days, I'll let you know. -Kurt Payment Submitted:D
  16. mechanical fuel pumps run 4 to 10 pounds of pressure on average. not like EFI which exceeds 35 I just got my brother's started after sitting for 6 years. As stated above, pour gas in the carb, see if it fires. I suggest cleaning the points with a little emery cloth before pouring the gas. That was the trick to getting my brothers running. 30 seconds with emery cloth made for a great feeling when the 351 fired up.
  17. Under the lip of the front fender aprons, from the shock tower forward, there is a reinforcement piece that welds to the bottom side.
  18. ;) OK Team, I am here. Thank TommyK for letting me know about the site. I am the one with the 71-73 sheet metal, and yes, I do have some good sheet! If interested in what was listed, please pm me. Need something else, maybe I have it. Like, you know those little supports that are welded to the underside of the front inner aprons?(Most people have a confused look about now) Well I have a good pair. Let's swap!! kcmash
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